need suggestion for pally build


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need suggestion for pally build

I started play D2 again after more than 5 years and I have a meteorb Sorc for MF. She just arrived act3 and met with Meph for a couple of times. I think she's very lucky. Within less than 100 times key runs (except for Dkey) and Meph run, I've been able to get some pal gears. Here's what I have:

Alma Negra
Herald Of Zakarum
Mara's Kaleidoscope
The Redeemer
Duriel's Shell
Guardian Angel
Goblin Toe

I think I can start a pal mainly for uber trist and I have read the 1 point smiter guide which is very nice. However, someone is also talking about 1 point smiter for a hammerdin and the guide is about zealot. What do you guys think about? I know hammerdin is stronger when solo other area but I don't know whether he is strong enough for uber when there's only 1 point on smite and fan...