Need some spec advice think i messed up big (lvl80)


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Need some spec advice think i messed up big (lvl80)

first off im a blizzballer, i got all my points in ice blast ice bolt ice spike blizzard and cold mastery, i have 1 pt in static field , and telek, teleport.

did i mess up by not having a shield like chilling armor or energy shield because i get one hit, the only way i can do hell boss's is to not get hit once i have to run around dodging everything myself if i get hit 1 time i die.

so regardless of what you think of my spec i hope you guys can leave me some builds on this thread, also comments of what i shoulda did.

my gear is OK its not twinked but i got an occy and some reasonable solid other stuff. share your COLD specs, and also as a side thing what is the light sorci hear of.


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Personally I would get a cold armour from a weapon and stick it on switch. I did place hard points on my first sorcy but I wouldn't do it again. You don't mention if you whether you have gone the max life or max block route. Which bosses are causing you problems? If your resists are good, that will help enormously. Diablo is always a bit of a pain (for me anyway), while with Memphy you should be using the moat trick. More info please.

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You're not a blizzballer, but rather a pure blizzard sorc.
As for your problems, please post your resists, stat allocation, block and life. A list of your equipment setup would be fine, since people can make change suggestions. I think your resistances should be the main problem, but we shall se it after we get more info...