need some opinions on gear and build

Deaths Jaws

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need some opinions on gear and build

ok im making a melee assasin that uses pheonix strike with maxed CoT and tiger strike released with a dragon tail to finish up. (basically the Striking Tiger, Lashing Dragon guide in the strat compendium)

now im only level 36 atm and am looking at the build and am thinking i need to get death sentry for corspe removal and quickert killing speed.

now is it worth it?

also how is this for my final equipment set up:

andies visage
CoH archon
1 bk ring/unsure bout other
crafted blood gloves w/ duel leech/resists/20%ias
Butucs w/ sheal rune
Jades (almost perfect) /w 14% res all jewel/3 life regen jewel
verdugars (the high vit belt..mitheral coil i think it is) or nefretus coil (u know the one i mean...with the IAS and leech)
Upped gores

misc res charms to make up for andies -30% fire res. annia nd gheeds. maybe a few skillers

now for the merc:

eth boneweave Fortitude
eth Collosus Sword Oath
Arreats (non eth atm)

now is there any holes in the items i got that i cant see? or the build at all?

thanks in advance

EDIT: as i will have max res in hell and fastest attack speed...what one should i pick out of fade and BoS? im going to have lower PDR so i think fade but running faster is also very good for the build..quick escapes and all...opinions on that also please owuld be apprecated

thanks again


Freezing Rain

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If you plan on being a hybrid, why not? But with just point i dont think its a good idea to scarifice those points. Better placed in venom/shadow master/bos

Deaths Jaws

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ah sorry forgot to say ill be having shadow master at about 5 points..about 17 with skills

also wats a better CoH: archon or another high def armour? ill be pumping strength to over 200 for kick damage and claw damage more than likely.

also with im not using a shield...could i leave it at 89 (or watever butucs req is) and rely on +dex from my gear to hit 106 for jades? also will i be hurting for ar in hell if i do this?

Freezing Rain

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You shouldn't have much trouble, just get enough for jades and you're fine. About the armor, use coh if you lack resists, otherwise i would go with a fort (WAIT!? Does this go with kick damage?)

Deaths Jaws

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i dont know if it does but i prefer the resists as it gives me 75% across the board in hell and the +2 skills helps with my CtA (sorry forgot to list it in my equipment :) )

i got the fort for my barb merc...i dont need another..also i had an enigma i can call on if i need it but i dont think it will suit..having dragon flight and all is enough (1 point only of course :) )