Need some Necro advice (stats/gear wise)


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Need some Necro advice (stats/gear wise)

Im on Ladder East, and so far ive gotten through Normal and Nightmare solo
-ive got 190 stat points spare-
Level 67 summoner necromancer
Str 82
Dex 28
Vitality 70
Energy 50
Life: 339
Mana: 223
(no +'s on my gear)

-equips (i havent gotten anything worth trading for better stuff.. run after run normal baal/nightmare meph (nightmare baal runs too hard.. burning souls arent worth the trouble yet after killing him once)-

Helm: Duskdeep unique full helm +15res all (havent found better yet)
Gloves: Chance gaurds 32%mf (lucky diablo normal drop)
Boots: magic with 35%mf
Ring: Nagelring 21%mf (kurast bazaar normal)
Ring: with 21%mf
Belt: M'avina's Tenet
Main hand: +2necro skill wand
Offhand: +1necro skill head -other mods on it, but none of importance-
Amulet: rare +1summon skill +9%mf
Armor: 4slot gothic with Ptopazs 96%mf

Merc Act 2 offensive
Helm: Najs Circlet
Armor: Goldskin
Weapon: Hone Sundan (Yari). 98-199dmg 45%crushing blow (was a Kelpie snare) -its got 3slots as well. what would someone maybe put in to it?)

-skills so far- 19points left
=summoning +4skills=
Skel Mastery: 20 (24)
Raise Skel: 20 (24)
Summon resist: 2 (6)
Clay Golem: 1 (5)
Golem Mastery: 1 (5)
Raise Mage: 1 (5)

=poison and bone +3skills=
Teeth: 1 (4)
Corpse Explosion: 5 (8) (im thinking to just max it now, but Mp is low -lv 20 = 34mp to cast....)

=Curses +3skills=
Amp: 1 (4)
Weaken: 1 (4)
Terror: 1 (4)
Decrep: 1 (4)
Highest rune so far ive found is a Dol
-got a few amns and 2 shaels (and thuls lotsa thuls, no chipped whatevers to cube em) plus all other lower end runes (eth/ith/nef/ort/ral/tal/tir. etc)

Kept a few decent unique drops
The Ward (gothic shield)
Bloodrise. (morning star)
Magewrath (razor bow)
Frostburn (gauntlets)
Culwens point (Warsword)
RazorSwitch (Jostaff)
Kelpie snare (fuscina)

Ik set gaunts
Infernal belt
Im sure it gets easier the higher your SM and RS is, but im having a real tough time trying to find the items I would need outside of trades
-Diablo was the hardest boss by far nightmare.. as fast as I could recast the clay golem he destroyed my merc several time with fire tremor or whatever..-
-Baal was cake. he could hurt my skeletons nor the merk nor me, but getting to his throne in nightmare is just too risky. and death is taking 200k+ from my self and stash (30k+ to raise merc from dead) -burning souls... I even tested with a +dim vision item (since i havent put points into it).. it still requires me to get in thier line of spasming lightning death to cast it at them- (30k+ to raise merc from dead)

My minions AI doesnt help either, alot of the time they just stuck in doors and while my merc walks around away from fights unless im almost to close for comfort to what im fighting (not always though).
-I dont have a Teleport ammy. or anything with teleport and its pretty tough in some situations-

-But I like how the summoner plays, with all his skeletal minions, its alot of fun, but you require to have +skills since I dont believe thier dmg/hp goes up any other way.. and it seems like i need what i can in hell (im scared to do Hell.. first off im too low anyways at 67 (with my crappy gear)


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I'm in the same place you are pretty much. I just started playing ealier this month and have less then great gear. I have a similar level of SM and RS but I have a 15ish in mages and I havn't been having much a problem so far. I have yet to actually kill Baal in nm, but I can deal with the throne room and his waves of minions just fine solo. Well...just fine as long as the lister wave doesn't spawn right on top of my merc, that didn't go so well for him.

It is sorta slow going, as it takes a while for the skelies to kill things. The only times I've died recently was durring a nm meph run. One of those little ankle bitters slipped though and I didn't see him until it was too late. How are your resists? I haven't maxed my nm resists other then fire yet, but the rest are 60ish. I haven't had any real problems with the souls and their oh so fun lightning attack.

You might want to think about putting a point in revive. Every little bit of extra damange you can get with minions is a good thing in my eyes. Even without a source of teleport I find them useful. I do dream of having an Enigma that'd make life so much easier. Ahh well. One day.


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You guys haven't mentioned using decrep on da bosses. That makes life sooo much easier... :thumbsup:

I don't let them be for one second without a decrep cloud over their heads. Ok, maybe 1/2 second.


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Well for one, shope for a +3 nec summoning wand. You should get that easily

I usually use the anya quest reward to get a better nec head. Getting +2 is no problem.

I'm on SM/RS/RM 27 levels each now at level 84. It's quite easy to go around and I hardly die except when I run too far ahead from my army and get shot at by burning archers.

I do pit/wsk/baal/cow runs

Try to up your hone sundan. For normal play aka non-bosses, I use a normal bonehew. But when it comes to big bosses, the hone sundan rocks. Toss in a Guillames face and you get something like 70+% CB, which will take down baal very quickly.

I usually play on my own and solo hell. Once I join 2-3 player games, my skellies and mages lose their effectiveness very quickly. I think if you wanna play 8-player games you gotta get your SM/RS to about 35+ to run easily.

If you can get your skellies up to 27 + go to hell and do pit runs. drops should be coming in by then with 200+ MF


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Also get your vit and dex up. 300 plus hp will not do man

One other thing. At this stage in your career, focus on getting your skills and level up first. The Mfing can come when you are more settled at high 70s or early 80s.

I also just came back on the scene. I'm doing mf bit by bit everyday, so I am slowly gaining wealth.


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Upping uniques is that cube recipe with runes isnt it? (The last version i played of diablo 2 was 1.07/1.08)
-ive read up a bit on things, but not completely understanding it all yet-


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I never had any problem breezing through the game solo. I didn't have any special gear or anything. The possible difference is that I use an act I merc with edge bow for thorns instead of an act II merc. I like the act I merc cause she stays out of the fighting and doesn't usually die unless I do.

My standard strategy was to amplify everything and let my skellies kill away. It usually didn't take long for them to clear regular monsters. For the bosses I'd decrepify and they would take a bit longer. Still my skellies usually didn't die and I'd just recast my gumby as necessary.

Seems like the Act I merc is the main difference.