Need Some Major Help


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Need Some Major Help

I think I must have the most unstable necro EVER.
Originally he was going to be a summonmancer, but at the first level up I changed my mind nad switched to bone skills...
Now I'm a level 56 Bonemancer with points in the summoning tree, and no points in curses. How much more unstable could you get?
Now I have a ton of problems:

1) I can't even get through Act 2 on Nightmare! (I got killed by a pack of sand leapers....)
2) I can't find ANY good items, even with the fact that with all my MF gear, (which I just traded) I had a 115% chance of finding magic items, and I still barely even ever found a magic item on runs until I got to the bosses, which gave out okayish items.
3) My maxed bone spear is "okay" in NM cow runs, but it takes about 15 or 20 to kill a Hell Bovine.
4) I die ALOT! I just realized it was because I have a Dex. of 36, while all my others stats are close-or in- the 100's. (I forgot Dexterity counts for your defense... bah...)

So if anyone knows how I can make my character better without starting over, or a good class and build for a brand new character, I would appreciate your help.



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You don't need dex.
Go all summon or all bone. Just max those synergies and give priority to melee skeles and bone spear, that simple.
Amp for summon, decrep for bones.
90ish str, no dex, no energy, rest vit.
Collect pgems and trade them on the forums to get good gear.

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A necro isn't really gear dependant, so if your not finding any decent gear, try gambling for it. Some awesome +3 skiller wands are sold by vendors too.

Your bone spear damage will need to continue to increase, max out its synergies for more DPS.

The lack of curses will be an issue in hell.


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I have a question as well
My nec is around level 78 and i have already maxed skel mastery and raise skellies. I placed 1 pt in all the other summoning skills and 1 pt in amp. Now i have my stats ready which is(strength:79 Dexterity:178 mana:25 vitality:185). But the problem is i have 31 skill pts left! Where should i spend them on? Many thanks in advance..

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Do you have Decrepify, Dim Vision and Life Tap? If not, get them! They're all useful at some time, sometimes more useful than Amp.

What level is your Corpse Explosion? More points there is all gooood. You're gonna want a nice big radius to kill increase your killing speed greatly.

Think about maxing Skeleton Mages. They can be a very powerful backup for your Skeletons, and it means you'll be killing stuff faster (which is always good).


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I would put them into bone skills

i went the poison route (shakes head) its not a bad build jus to many poison immunes. there are less magic immunes in the game and what is there your skelies can kill np.

make sure you use CE was well.

i would do 11 bone spear rest in the last one. then go back and work on bone spear.


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But having CE = less skellies + less monsters?
Besides i'm planning to do a commandomancer

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But having CE = less skellies + less monsters?
Besides i'm planning to do a commandomancer
Does it really matter that you have less monsters when you already have the maximum amount of skeletons you possibly have and just 1 point on Skeleton Mage and especially Revive will give you tons of more monsters?

This is the overall philosophy of the 1.10+ Commandomancer, if they choose to have a summoning flair. Just one point on Raise Skeleton, Raise Mage, and Revive goes a long way... (average of 4-6 Skeletons, 4-6 Mages, 8-14 Revives on screen) And probably, you Don't want more summons because you don't want your summons to take up too much of a role for dishing out damage, nor do you want them to be crowding the screen when you need to make strategic melee fighting decisions.

But the opposite, as you said, is true as well. I recommend putting points on having more monsters if you wish for more prowess in summoning ability.

Remember, having CE = less points in much other skills than just skellies, but I highly recommend a few points on it to start yourself off and make yourself stronger and wealthier before you try things like putting just 1 point in CE for the sake of PvP. One tip for you: Hold right click when using CE, makes a world of difference than clicking repeatedly on it, after tagging the monsters with Amp.



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Well, 151% Mf or so isnt going to cut it for a mfing character. On all of my mf chars, I make sure that I outfit them with at least 300%+ mf and 400+ on switch for boss kills. Some cheap ways to get mf are....
1) 3os Ptopaz helm 74%
2) 4os Ptopaz armor 96%
3) Goldwrap belt 30%
4) Chancies gloves 30%
5) mf boots 20%
6) gull dagger on switch 100%
7) rhyme/splendor sheild 25%
8) Dual nagelrings 50% (if you get 2 25%)
9) A cheap gheeds 20%

Total of about 445% MF on switch for boss kills, keep running bosses and this will get you somewhere, btw, I believe you need a rebuild, wasting points is never a good thing, and with a bonemancer you need all the skill points you can get for synergies.