need some help


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need some help

im a strafe / guide zon, im in hell act 1, i found its hard to kill the monster even the walking dead .. my weapon is a unique but not that good its called shakaku or something .. the other is i think magerune or something ... i am lvl 64, where should i go mfing to hunt for bows at my level ? my damage just arent enuff for hell !!!! i cant go mfing in hell pitz oso cause my ama not that strong yet .... plz help me ... if i could get my hands on buriza ... where can i find stronger bows ? help me plzzahhh


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Perhaps a new build is in order?

You accurately stated your own conundrum, perhaps you should try a different tact. You have a physical damage build, and low physical damage weapons. Thus, you can't do much damage at all. Now, either you can try to get lucky in Nightmare mode and find a weapon (I suggest Baal runs), or you really can't do anything with that character effectively.

However, you have a bow that has 50% pierce and +3 bow skills (+6 immolation). Sounds to me that it's an ideal bow for elemental skills. Try a frost maiden variant, with perhaps fire or physical as a secondary skill, and I'm sure you'll see better results.

Search around for a frostmaiden build, and then try one of those. Hopefully, with a build better suited for your gear, you'll leverage your killing potential and find a better physical damage bow for your physical damage character.


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aTa said:
help someonee
I used to like bow zons but i found they just arent as good as javalin zons. If you want to be a bow zon then the only route to go is to have a Windforce but those are very very very very very expensive and hard to find.

I suggest making a new zon and make her a javalin zon. Use Lightning Fury, Lightning Stike for the bosses and use Plauge Javalin for those pesky light immunes.

Thats the only way to go IMO.


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For javazons, I would recommend Charged Strike for bosses in lieu of Lightning Strike, as CS takes them down much faster, and LF is all you need for mobs.