Need some help with Throne of Destruction

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Need some help with Throne of Destruction

HI, I have a level 69 assasin in nightmare level (single user not online) and every single time I go to the Throne of Destruction level, I get mobbed at the bottom of the stairs and killed. I have tried running but encounter more minions and get slain also. Anyone have a help that I can use? I am tired of staying at this level and want to get my char to hell level... :mad:


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If you're getting slaughtered here, you'll likely get slaughtered in hell too. Here's a quick list of what (I feel) is important to survive:

* Resistances (try to have all maxed)
* Blocking (aim for 75%)
* Life (as many points as you can spare should go into vitality)

It seems pretty obvious, but if you can fill all of these, you stand a good chance of surviving any situation. There are of course exceptions to these; e.g. perhaps a Barbarian will choose to not use a shield, but will make up for it by having heaps life. Also, melee characters generally require life leech to survive, whereas casters must rely on either avoiding attacks (through blocking, defense, or simply sidestepping attacks when possible) or gaining life via elemental absorb, life/kill items, regeneration (mostly useless), and potions.

If you provide details on your skills, stats, and equipment, I'm sure we can help you some more.


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You might also want to increase your fhr (faster hit recovery). Going from 0 to 48 fhr will nearly cut your recovery time in half and make it much easier to survive swarms. Alot of easy to attain or otherwise useful items have fhr on them (bloodfists: 30, stone: 60, stealth: 25, smoke: 20, among many others...). Good luck!


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Cast Cloak of Shadows as soon as you enter the level.
If there are enemies RIGHT where you stand, take a few steps away from them. Then start to kill them. Recast CoS when it wears out.

That should buy you enough time to enable you to create a 'beach head' which you can come back to when you clear the rest of the floor.

Bosses and Champions are immune to blinding, so if there always is such a pack right by the stairs it will be tough to fight it out here. Run somewhere else, where there are only normal monsters, then cast CoS.

If (for some strange reason) you don´t have CoS, make a 'Nadir' helm. ;)


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