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Need some help getting my untwinked bowazon through hell i

Discussion in 'Amazon' started by DBlock, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. DBlock

    DBlock IncGamers Member

    Jul 6, 2008
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    Need some help getting my untwinked bowazon through hell

    So a month or two ago I started playing D2 again when I found it on an old backup disc. After a few weeks I had almost accumulated enough runes to cube my *** a Lo. Then my comp crashed and I had to format. To clearify, I'm playing single player which means that my saves was lost and so was my envisioned Grief.

    A few days ago I started once again. This time I decided I'd make only one char and play it to lvl 90+. I remembered that I played a bowazon before the synergies was introduced (was probably 1.09). She was using a Buriza with GA and MS. Man did she tear things up. With that in mind I decided I'll go for a bowazon which I love to play, for some reason I cant quite understand.

    I decided I'd start out as a bowazon from the very beginning and did not put any points into the javelin skills.
    Early on I was lucky enough to find a Stoutnail which got me to lvl 25. At that point I could finally make and equip my Edge in a Stagbow. The rest of normal was a breeze and I ventured into NM.

    At that point my Edge was starting to slow down drastically and I did not have any decent alternative. Mind you, it could probably do NM on P1, but I prefer abit higher player setting for NM. Most of the time I used Frozen Arrow to kill. After a while I got tired of it and thought, if I'm gonna use mana intensive skills anyways, I might as well do LF through NM. And I did, needless to say it was a breeze.

    NM gave me a few goodies such as an Eth Tannr Gorerod which I upped, Goldstrike Arch (low on everything), Guardian Angel, Frostburns, Infernostride, Undead Crown, Razortail, alot of different low set items (Sazabi helm stands out with its res and +skill as do Laying of Hands for reasons we all know), 2 Ko runes, 2 Lem runes as well as an Eth Legend Sword.

    At 76 I decided I had enough of NM and was ready for hell. I figured GSA can take me through P1 Hell, maybe do a pitstop at the Pit. I had never found the Sol I needed for Insight and at this point I was planning to go through hell as a bowazon. I used my socket quest on the eth Legend Sword, made a Lawbringer, hired a barb and made him Treachery as well and put the Undead Crown ontop of his head. This was all a good idea. In hell he provides me with Decrep. as well as Sanctuary Aura for those undeads\Phys Immunes (which are often UD). The knockback has so far been great and ATM he is the one who kills, not me.

    For myself I made a Smoke armor and gambled some rare boots I'm happy with.

    At the moment I just started A1, but noticed I kill very slowly on P1 and relying on my merc to kill. I'm not really having trouble yet, but it must surely come.

    I'll post my equipment setup.
    Head: Sazabi
    Weap: Goldstrike Arch
    Switch: Harmony
    Armor: Smoke in a Sup. Light Plate
    Gloves: Laying of Hands
    Belt: Razortail
    Amu: 2 dex, 21 allres
    Ring: Manald Heal
    Ring: Rare with +93 ar, 15 energy, 5 life, 3 mana, mdr 2, fire res. 24
    Boots: Rares with +2 dex, lightning res. 40, cold res. 26, 25% mf, 20% frw and 40% edef.
    Charms: None

    In hell that gives me:
    75 fr
    17 cr
    51 lr
    -9 pr

    Merc is wearing:
    Undead Crown
    Treachery Dusk Shroud (would probably switch this with a high def. armor if I had one, tho the attackspeed is nice)
    Lawbringer eth Legend Sword

    My skills are:
    ~Bow and Crossbow~
    1 prereqs
    Max. Strafe
    10 Multishot

    ~Passive and Magic~
    1 in all skills
    20 Valk
    20 Penetrate
    2 Pierce

    ~Javelin and Spears~
    1 Jab

    So.. what I'm wondering is how to make Barloc (merc) and myself more effective. I'm one of those that believes high defense makes my merc survive longer (duh, ofc it does). As of such I think Treachery is a bad merc armor as I find Fade unreliable, but he needed IAS and I had nothing better.

    I could probably switch armor with my merc, but I have no use for Treachery atm. I get hit too little to proc fade, and as I said I find it unreliable (not willing to prebuff it everytime it wears off). I strafe and MS at a satisfying speed, so I'm happy with that.

    I'm on the lookout for a +3 Skill MB or GMB to make a Harmony to see if that helps my killingspeed, but none so far. Would also have to get myself another Ko, but that shouldnt be too much hassle.

    Dno if I want to go back to the elemental arrows as I should have no problems with immunities. The dilemma is that they will deal alot more dmg than I currently am.

    Please keep in mind that I play solo untwinked singleplayer with no trading. Might have to bite my own *** and trade for a WF if it wont drop within a reasonable time in the Pit or I come by runes for Faith (or something else). I hate runehunting so mostly relying on luck for those, unless its some lower runes I can cube up from Countess.

    Think I'm gonna post this on the SP forums as well, if that's not bad manners.
  2. Noodle

    Noodle Moderator

    Jul 18, 2003
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    Re: Need some help getting my untwinked bowazon through hell

    1. Upgrade to a Might merc, preferably with Reaper's Toll for the decrep. I also like to give him a Shaftstop for DR, and Andy's Visage or Tal Rasha's cap for the life leach.
    2. Use Decoy frequently
    3.I can help you out with a better bow should it come to that. I've been playing Single Player since the end of the first season of the 1.10 patch, and have thousands of items. Just PM me your e-mail address, and I'll put a stash together.
  3. DBlock

    DBlock IncGamers Member

    Jul 6, 2008
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    Re: Need some help getting my untwinked bowazon through hell

    Thanks for the reply. I do not have a Reaper's Toll, nor do I have a Shaftstop or any of the above mentioned helms. I believe I said it in the beginning, but I lost my savefiles (hence my items). This is my first char after that.

    I do use decoy frequently, but the slow cast rate on amazons really irk me. More than once have I believed to have casted a decoy only to find out I got interrupted or went into some D\A\E animation instead. But what can I expect with a 2 sec casttime..

    I thank you for your kind offer and will PM you my e-mail adress. I might send some items back tho, since one of the aspects I enjoy (after having played D2 on and off since it's release) is not having uber gear. Rather I find pleasure in finding that uber equipment myself and slowly, but surely notice my char improving going from utterly crap to greatness.

    EDIT: As a sidenote, going through the game like this opens my eyes for new items and runewords I have earlier overlooked or written of as crap. Lawbringer is a perfect example of a runeword I have always overlooked in favor or better ones, but it has proven to be a pretty nice addition for untwinked bowazon. The knockback on UD is especially nice, interrupting those pesky archers and the like. I imagine once it will help when I encounter those stygian dolls as well.

    EDIT2: Countess just dropped an Um. Would a Duress be any good for either my merc or myself?

    EDIT3: A huge thanks to Noodle who sent me a batch of really nice items.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2012

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