Need some help for BvB


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Need some help for BvB

Hi, I just started trying BvB (Actually my first real duel) and it's going good so far. There are a few things I need to cover though.
Weapon 1: 307% Enhanced Damage, 30% Increased Speed, 243 AR, 1-5Fire, 4% Life Leach, 27 Cold Resistance (Thanks to Kylome for this.)
Weapon 2: 296 Enhanced Damage, 20% Increased Attack Speed, 7Max, 245 AR, 1-91 Lightning damage, Power Strike charges (Thanks to Kavlor for this.)
Weapon Switch: One Eth Lacerator, Another non-eth
Armor: Fortitude
Helm: Arreat's socketed with a 30 ED 24 PR 14Max Jewel
Belt: M'avina's Tenet
Gloves: 20 IAS Knockback w/ Mana Leach
Ring1: 10FCR, 20 Strength, 1Dex
Ring 2: 128 AR, 14Strength,11AllResistances
Amulet:2 Barb, 1 Max, 24 Strength, 34 Cold Resistance
Boots: Sander's Riprap

Everything in Dex. Why? Because it's more fun then all in vit.

Here's the problem. Duel was going fine until he got out enigma and starting teleporting, going right in front of me and whirlwinding. Should I get rid of fortitude and put enigma there for Strength, FRW, and skills, getting rid of the 300ED? I dunno, I really don't like teleporting and would rather run, also not worrying about mana. Should I use The Cat's Eye instead for FRW, IAS, and Dex?

Another problem. My mercenary uses Pride, and he has Might. The person who I was dueling had said to let him kill my merc as this wasn't allowed in regular bvb. Is this true? I lose a lot of max damage when he dies.

Also I have Dual Lacerators on the switch for casting Amp. Should I care about this at all?

One more question...Do I post this in the Barbarian Forum or here?

Thanks, any help is appreciated. :thumbup:


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Re: Need some help for BvB

dear lord. you are going to get wtfpwnt in that setup. why your opponent had to change anything to belt the crap out of you tells me your opponent seriously sucked.

BvB without a shield? sounds like two BvCs having at each other where the whole trick is to dodge your opponents first whirl then play whack-a-mole.

cookie-cutter BvB gear is as follows:

hat: arreats or guillaumes or some sexy blood-craft or godly rare barb helms
ammy/rings: angelic ammy + 2x rings (you'll NEED the AR)
armour: fort in a superior Sacred Armour, duress, prudence
belt: 15% DR verdungos
gloves: dracs or rends, your choice
boots: up'd gores
shield: stormshield
wep: Grief (zerk or CS, just hit 4-frame ww), Fury, insane rare fools weps, razors edge tomahawk, e-Death Cleaver

switch: 2x BO sticks.