Need some help cooking a chicken. (pretty simply question, I think)


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Need some help cooking a chicken. (pretty simply question, I think)

Ok, so I know nothing about cooking, but for some reason my fiancee has charged me with the task of finishing this bird up.

I THINK this is a pretty simple question, but we'll see. There is a net on the chicken right now while it's marinating. My fiancee said to just drain the chicken and put it in a pan to cook, and mentioned nothing of the net... but I don't seem to remember there ever being one on while cooking. Did she forget to tell me that I need to take it off, or should I leave it on while it cooks?

Totally completely a noob when it comes to cooking. =/


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I think take it off. But I would have to see this alleged net to be sure.

A couple of things.

One make sure it's not the chicken that Smeg referenced in another thread.

Two it reminds me of when I shared an office with a guy. One day he let out a moan, then a groan.
And not just any moaning and groaning.
I quickly recognized the sounds eminating from the other side of the room as those made by someone experiencing gastrointestinal cramping.
I enquired what he ate the night before.
Suprise suprise he had chicken.
He cooked said chicken.
It was his first time cooking.
He knew the chicken was done because the vegtables were ready.
He left work early that day.
The next day he said his GF was mad at him because she had to leave work early as well.

Be carefull be very carefull.


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Chicken is hard to cook in the sense that it's hard to make sure that there's no more blood inside it when it's served. Sometimes it can be burned outside but still almost raw inside.

Slow cooking helps largely in this regard. If you're simmering or boiling it, simmer it at least 30-45 minutes. If you're cooking it on a pan, light to medium heat and poke occasionally to make sure there's no more blood.

And if all else fails and you don't mind eating a little bit rubbery bird, nuke it for five to ten minutes to make sure you don't get sarmonela after eating it.

I cook Filipino Adobo (chicken cooked in vinegar, pepper and soy sauce) pretty well.


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The Beer Store (tm) has a magazine and in that magazine they have recipes. One of those recipes involves anally violating butchered chickens with an open full beer can.
Makes the chicken really tender and juicy from what I gather.


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Take the net off. If the chicken starts to brown too fast, use foil to (tent) cover the bird while it finishes cooking. Don't forget to add a little water to the bottom of the roasting pan to keep it moist if you are baking it.


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Get one of those roasting racks, they hold it up so the bottom doesn't go all soggy and horrible.


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It is cooked and eaten. Removed the net... or whatever it is. I was calling it that because I don't know what else you'd really refer to it as?

Wasn't half bad. If I get sick tomorrow I'll be sure to update you all, possibly with pictures or live action video.