Need some Fire Druid Advice please


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Need some Fire Druid Advice please

I'm making a fire druid and plan to max grizzy to help deal with fire immunes.

I plan to spent 1 point in Oak sage and use plus skills items.

So far I've spent 1 point in Fire Storm, Molten Bolder, Fissure, and Volcano.

Seeing how I am going to use 25 points on the summon tree to max Grizzly which spells on the fire tree would give me the most killing power?

Any advice / help would be appreciated.


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Rianna said:
What about Armageddon?
requires 9 prerequisites, and also requires you to be up close and personal with your monster pals. Its also very random and hard to use pvm. The other skills are more friendly for pvm and don't require you to take as many hits.



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Fissure is your main killer, it works godly vrs packs of critters {anything more than 2 monsters}, and its also great vrs big guys and sometimes vrs moving bosses {perfect for the moat trick with mephy, also great for baals & his tintical things}. Practice aiming it where the group of critters will be walking into so that they have to walk over it {thus taking multiple hits}. It takes some practice to gain the most effect out of it.

Your 2nd offense will most likely be fire storm to work on 1-2 critters, and for a stationary boss that doesnt move alot.