Need some Expert Advice


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Need some Expert Advice

I am in the process of making a PVE Zealadin
Since i know this build can get expensive this is the gear i am going to use to start off

65 Base Str
80 base dex
Rest Vit

1 All Def Aura except the specific Resists
20 sacrifice, 20 zeal, 20 holy shield
1 smite 1 charge 1 hammer 1 avenge
1 might
1 aim
1 conc
20 fanatic
1 h fire
1 h freeze
Rest into smite?

Eth Oath Cryptic Sword
Fortitude Scarab Husk
Stormshield Monarch (-15 req jewel with 5 str 8 dex mod)
Sandstorm Terk
Vamp Gaze
2 Life Leech rings
Mid anni & mid torch
Life Charms

As you can see this guy is on a somewhat limited budget. but As i gain more wealth i hope to replace the sword with a BOTD BA, the Helm with a CoA, and Leech rings with Bul kathos? as well as acquire some maxdmg/life scs.

So things brings me to the point of this topic, i have just came back to play d2 after a years break and have not been up to date with the current effective builds. I wish to be able to kill the Uber's with this pally as well as be an effective dueler. Are there flaws in my stat point placing or skill placement for this? I decided that the remaining points should go to smite as it is an effective uber killer? or is zeal good enuff and i should add to defiance?
As well the storm shield, should that be replacied with anything as i acquire wealth? and the Life Leech rings are just Ring of the Lampreys 8% life leech (Magical) right now and i am not sure if recplacing them with Bk is a good idea? suggetions on this build are apprecaited

thank you much


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dr% is limited at 50%, and if you use gaze and dungo's you don't need stormshield, go with zaka or alma negra instead or maybe even gris shield.
As you gain more wealth you can replace them with an exile or phoenix shield.

I would also swap a lifeleech ring for a ravenfrost, for some ar and cannot be frozen.

You may also want to take a look at guillaume helm from the orphan's call set. It's very nice for a zealot and will increase your killingspeed.
for gloves i would use draculs for the almighty ctc lifetap.

The rest looks good, you could put the rest of your points in smite, otherwise i would throw them in defiance.