Need some bvb help!


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Need some bvb help!

Hey guys i recently acquired a visio modded coronet with low defense, 22 str 9 dex and 2 skills 2 barbs. I used to rock an upped eth arreat zodded (def 700),
so now im left with a dilemma. I gained around 3k ar , but lost the same amount of defense. Im wondering what kind of jewel i should put in the coronet and if i should switch up my draculs for a steelrend with nice defense.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Need some bvb help!

all i can suggest is to try it out and see how it goes.

i'd consider socketing that hat with some +dex to make up for what you lose from arreats. then you could switch between the vis and the arreats depending on how a duel is going.

by and large, it takes a seriously high-end and godly rare helm to be better than arreats for a bvb.

other bvb helm options include a Guillaumes and godly nutso crafted blood helms for extra %Deadly Strike.

in all honesty, i'm not 100% certain that your vis coronet will be better overall than an arreats.

it might be, but that comes down to you and your playstyle.


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Re: Need some bvb help!

I'm making a bvb with a visio diadem. Still need a few charms but right now iirc my stats are:

22+ k ar
33+ k def (zbug fort)
6.3+ k life (no prebuff)
600+ - 1100+ screen damage (grief ba)
lvl 95

I simply use life/def scs and ar/life gcs
Haven't duel any serious bvber yet tho, I'm newb. West NL btw.