need some advice on my barb


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need some advice on my barb

I am currently working on making my second hell viable character, and for the most part have been successful. Hell viable meaning I have managed to go from den of evil to killing baal and cow level solo with my barb. He is a level 81 fenzy barb on lader, but I am having some problems with him that just don;t fit what I am looking for beyond just beating hell.
my stats/skills/gear are as followed:
2800ish life with BO
108 str and 126 dex before gear with the rest in vit
defense around 10k with shout

20 frenzy
20 BO
20 shout
20 sword mastery (goal)
and singles in the other stuff outside of grim ward

smoke (planning on fort once I find a decent armor to make it in)
string of ears
rare ml ring
grief pb x2 (mid range stats)
echo weapons on swap
assortment of charms mostly resists to maintain max with some AR and life charms
I am currently working to get a torch and anni.

I don't use a merc at this time as I have always found them to drag behind with my playstyle.

My vision of a barb is one that can rush into the heart of battle and take on countless number of monsters and come out stronger. My end goal is to have a barb capable of fighting anything and everything in the game that doesn;t move so slowly that I would rather gouge my eyes out then play him another day. One could say that my current setup should provide that, but I am finding some difficulty with PI/mana burn mobs. It's not that I can;t beat them but that I am not able to charge headlong into them as I normally do. yes I tend to play very recklessly and thats the reason I don;t play hardcore, I know I will die sometimes. My first character was a conc/ww hybrid using identical gear with the exception of a stormshield. I enjoyed running him but stopped playing before I was able to test him for uber trist and dclone.

My questions are:
-Am I asking for to much out of my barb to be able to rush into any fight throwing caution to the wind and expect to walk out alive 95% of the time?
-Would I be better off with a different class/build given my style of play?
-Are conc barbs capable of taking on uber trist and dclone?
-Am I going about my gear and skill setup wrong and thats why I don;t feel like I am performing as well as I think the build should?

thanks for the help


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I'd drop the shout, and put the points into a Frenzy synergy.

Your barb should be fine... but more CB wouldn't hurt.


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lets see well for starters yes you can run recklessly about into a horde of creatures as long as they are not undead and live with a good amount of life leech.

you have to know the limit of the character.

beserk should take care of the PI you just have to keep them separate and kill them off individually. as for the mana drainers umm kill them quicker and keep potions on you.

there really isn't a build that you can run willy nilly around and kill stuff and come out alive 95% of the time without the right gear.

you might want trade a grief off for a lw think you would kill quicker. lw will add the cb fade and extra lifetap will trigger. i run dracs and lw and it triggers all the time.

if you can synergy although at 87 might be a little hard to do. it would be worth it.