Need QUICK Advice - Pvp Pally


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Need QUICK Advice - Pvp Pally

I'm about to start a new Paladin, I've only tried Hammerdins, those I know very well. Now, I was wondering what the best possible Pvp Paladin would be, and what gear he would benefit best from.

What I need to know is: What skills to Max, what other "1 point wonder" skills I should invest in, what runewords/uniques should this Melee Pvp char use.

Also, merc/what gear.

I'm doing pretty ok, so I can afford most of the runewords on ladder, so feel free to give me inputs regarding "uber" gear as well.

Or just some decent gear to "get by" while killing PVM.

All suggestions are highly apprecieated.

Thanks for your time

// Hejhej


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Some gear:

Last Wish
Eth HoZ
2x Rings with dual ll and res
Gore Rider (treks or waterwalk)

10 on zeal
20 on Charge (and his synergy)
20 on Holy Shield
20 on Fanaticism
1 on redemption
1 on conviction
and the rest its by you


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there are several different kinds of pvp melee pallys. It all depends on what you want. Some include pure zealots, frost zealots, smiter, and tesladin. All melee pvp pallys are very item dependent. So be prepared to spend a lot on them.

Trojan Man

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Well in all say I think the good ole Foher would be good for you. Not melee like the hammers your used to. Can have not so goldy gear and still own in duels. I myself am going to start one this weekend. Also you can have some smite in there with the Foh for abit of melee.


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if you do want to really have fun but might be a bit lame, try the torcher or the dreamer pala
these are expensive but effective

if you want to be melee then go for a smiter, using grief , if you want to then use phoenix in a ed pala shield, HS helps your block, and one raven is a must


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djIgneo said:
What's a Tesladin?

I think I may eventually make a Charge/Holy Freeze pally just for laughs.
A tesladin is a paladin that uses zeal with holy shock (and its synergies) for massive lightning dmg.

Look for a guide in the pally forum.