Need permission


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Need permission

Hrus, Cattleya, this ones for you guys.

As far as I know, Diablo Loves Donutz has been working out details of a Diablo 2 fashion contest with you.

What I was wondering, is it alright if I setup a 'begging' or 'asking' thread, where other forumites can donate *reasonable* items for use as prizes in this competition.

If you want to contact me in private, my PM has been playing up lately, so email would probably be better: neumein (at) yahoo (dot) com (dot) au . If not, feel free to contact me here.


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Sorry, but I have to post this:

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I don't think a thread begging for items for a prize stash is a good idea. If the organizers themselves can't put together a stash, there are some other options for prizes. You could have the contestants donate items as an entry fee. You may also just want to find a trophy item you can give the winner. (Something personalized with a name that fits the tourney, and some item that fits the theme as well.)

Now, about your second post in this thread. Normally, I would send out a warning by PM, but since you say it's acting up (and I'm posting here anyhow) I'll just add it in here.

(1) Don't double post if you can still edit the old post.
(2) Don't post just to announce your post count.


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Hey that sounds like fun, a fashoin tourney... so what you dress your char and take some pics (screenies) and post them here in SPF... coool

EDIT: yeah 100 posts too :badteeth: Oh *** I'm going to get fired if I carry on like this....


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I presume the request is something like the 'The "Ask For Free Stuff" Thread' like at the GO.

It's most likely more relaxing for the persons giving away items, as you don't have to keep count of special stashes and such.



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Can I suggest getting your ruleset/prize categories worked out and then post an "any other comments thread" to iron out the rules?

If there is only one prize per category, you will know how many prizes you will need. Bear in mind, a lot of the older players aren't going to need anything and probably won't actually take a prize.

Additionally, it is important that you take note of vanilla/mod status so prize recepients aren't tainted by accident.

May I remind you of this great thread?