Need Javazon Help


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Need Javazon Help

Hey all. I'm a fairly experienced Classic player, but I've never made a Zon til recently. My Javazon has maxed Lightning Fury and Charged Strike, and I just don't know where to put the rest of the points. I'm thinking Lightning Strike, but I cannot tell if the spear needs to actually hit to activate the lightning (the way it doesnt really have to hit with Charged Strike...rite?).

Also, I intend to make this a Hell CS zon (remember, Classic), so how heavily should I invest in Poison abilities (for lightning immunes)?

On a separate note, nobody is answering my question in the trade thread, so I'll try here: can xpac and classic characters intertrade if they're trading classic items? Also, can xpac characters play in classic games?



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Re: Need Javazon Help

You can only bring classic items into the expansion, by putting the items on a mule and then converting it, but not the other way around, even if it's only about classic items.