Need input on my Wind Druid


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Need input on my Wind Druid

OK, i built this character before any guides came out for wind druids (that i knew of). I built this character after i messed up my first elemental druid and decided to focus on wind because fire is way too resisted. I think i messed up on my stat point allocation but you let me know if i should try to up this guy any higher.

Patriarch PoTheAwesomeXII

Level: 90
Str: 198 (With modifiers)
Dex: 97 (with modifiers)
Vit: 253 (with modifiers)
NRG: 187(with modifiers)

*Now i know my NRG is a bit high. But i built this character not even thinking about shield block. My question it important? I plan on eventually using Earth Shifter for it's massive +7 to elemental skills. So i figured i might still be ok.

1-Arctic Blast(prereq.)
20-cyclone Armor
17-Oak Sage
1-Spirit Wolf
1-Dire Wolf
1-Grizzly bear

TOTAL: 102 Skill Points

Gear//MF Gear
Helm:Ravenlore//P-Topaz Shako
Ammy:+3 elemental skills//35% MF
Weapon(s):+4 Ondal's Wisdom//Wiz Spike-Rhyme Grim Shield
Ring1:SoJ//29% Nagel
Ring2:SoJ//28% Nagel
Belt:Arachnid Mesh//Arachnid Mesh
Gloves:Trang-Oul's//Trang Oul's
Charms:38% Gheeds-12/14/7 Anni Charm-7% MFSC w/20 defense-
+1 Summoning GC w/4 Str

With my normal gear on i have level 36 elemental skills and skill level 28 oak sage and level 12 minions.
With MF gear on. My elemental skills drop to 29 and my oak sage is 24 while my minions are 8.

I find this build quite viable for MF because the tornados do decent damage and hit multiple targets. Also. I can watch all my resistances fall to -70 without worry as my cyclone armor absorbs 1,955 elemental damage.

My wind druid. Should i maintain him as my main with his great gear...or should i toss him to the side and outfit say a hammerdin.

Ok well, the first question is, is this PVP or PVM only? Because, basically, if you're doing well and having fun with him in PVM, then there's absolutely no reason to start a new Druid (or heaven forbid, a hammerdin).

If he was made for PVP, then yeah you're going to have to remake. Max block in dueling is ab-so-lutely critical.

it's up to you, but if you just enjoy leveling and killing stuff and you're doing that, then stick with him.


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If you can kill with him easily and he's fun to play with, I don't see why you'd need to rebuild him.

I need to dust mine off and max Cyclone Armor...those damn Gloams in Baal runs hurt!


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I also agree if its not broken why fix it.

However w/o max block you are just going to have to be more careful and gant tele into the middle of hard hitting hell monsters and expect to live. Also you might want to consider getting your dr up ... as of now i see max you wear is 18 .... shako + enigma.

If i were you I would try to find a way to get that up since you are taking a lot of the damage delivered to you. Maybe get a ss you tend to have the str. neccessary for it.


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Hmmz... crap melee weapon with high str req + ele skills...

Its earthshaker Mk II! No-one used the last one, so lets up the reqs and make it two handed and see if anyone takes the bait!

NO! Blizz! Clearly you have made druids to be able to spell cast well OR melee well... not both! Or don''t you understand the mechanics or your own game....?


As for thepopo's build, it seems ok to me. Yeah, NRG is a bit too high, but no point crying over spilt milk. Just go for +life items over +mana items.

Stick with him and relish the fact Blizz "fixed" ele druids by making them cookie-cutter builds

*AFK crying*


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They were definitly thinking geddon wolf or geddon bear dream weapon .... which it is not