Need input: are Titan Chargers viable?


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Need input: are Titan Chargers viable?

Being impressed by how my (although much of a failure) ambulancedin could at times oneshot players in pvp using defensive auras, mediocre gear and incompletely synergized charge (max dmg was like 9k or so with Insight) I was thinking that it would be fun to see what damage and results a charger concentrating heavily on the Damage part could hope to achieve.

I was thinking something like this:

20 Charge
20 Might
20 Vigor
20 Fanaticism

And the rest into prereqs and Blessed Aim (for passive bonus)


Strength: As much as I can spare aiming for at least 300
Dex: none
Vita: Enough not to get oneshotted too often, 100-200 something.
Energy: none


EBotD TM (huge dmg, extra str bonus to dmg)
Fortitude (more dmg, some resists)
Guillaume's Face (Deadly strike amongst other great mods)
Steelrends (even more dmg)
2x Ravens
Highlord's Wrath (deadly strike and other good mods)
Gores (more deadly strike and dmg mods)

Charm budget: about 2 Ists, will prob need to get lots of AR here, some resists too I'm afraid.

This would net me A Very high damage with charge and above 50% deadly strike. An alternative that could be considered but I think would be of less usefulness would be to use a Death Glorious Axe to reach 100% Deadly Strike but way lower damage.

Probably the problem would be that I would be sort of a glass cannon as the gear mentioned gives little resists and my life would be a lot less. but I've always liked huge numbers in my damage tab and not being too mainstream.

1. Anyone have a rough estimate on possible damage?
2. Would this be viable in pvp, and against who? and whom to watch out for?
3. Any changes / suggestions?
4. Has this been done before?
5. Other comments? :rolleyes:


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sounds like a working build to me, can even play pvm with a charger. instead of ripping off the arreat summit i'll just paste what they say about charge:

"When maxed, Charge offers more damage than Sacrifice. Consider getting Mana Stealing Items when using Charge to offset its mana cost.

May be used to flee from fights or even dodge (outrun) projectiles (such as Diablo's Fire Nova or Undead Mages' Bone Spirit). May also be used to (very) rapidly traverse land."

also a good note about the charge-lock:

"Sometimes Charge skill may stun yourself (you cannot attack and move but can drink potions) when attacking. This may continue very long until to your death. You can fix this by pressing the "W" key to swap weapons which should exit you from the stun."


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Damage equations look like this {i think};

min/max damage = (min/max weapon damage + (+min/max))*(1 + statbonus + (total %ed)) * modifier

Modifier is 1, statbonus depends on weapon, and thats important because its where strength is tied in. For mauls i know its 1.10 * str / 100.

My last charger had 85 base str, lots of +str gear, fort/rends, & ebotd ogre maul, and had like 18-23 k charge. He was more +ar & deadly strike based, didnt worry too much about his damage.

By the way, titan chargers are sort of redundant. Since strength usually adds damage to people with low %ed skills, and chargers have high %ed {easily 2500%ed}, having more than the strength required to use your gear is wasted.

Range is important. Thunder maul has range 3. You will want to have two weapons; a short range & a long range. Try to trade your thunder maul for an ogre maul {range 2}, the ebotd version has easily almost 600 min damage, and possibly the best average damage ever.

For range 5 try to get an ebotd war pike or gpa.

Use range 2 vrs non melee, and range 5 vrs melee. This is just incase your charge chain doesnt work out too nicely or something stops that big mean barbarian or smiter from being knocked back. If you used a short range weapon vrs them, then they will be nice and ready to hit you.

I suggest getting angelics {2x rings}, and hsuars boots + belt in your stash. You wont stand much of a chance vrs barbs or paladins, so ditch the deadly strike and pile on as much +ar as you possibly can. The chances of actually hitting them are more important in place of doubleing the damage of an attack that misses.


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Ok, thanks for the input.

If you're right (which i think you are) and stat bonus gives %ed in the same part of the calculation as skill bonus and fortitude armor etc I see it would be kind of a waste. I might put a little extra to be flexible in gear but might skip the whole titan thing.

What was te benefit with low range weapon you said? better for charge chain or what?

And that Hsaru combination is something i've been considering aswell, Looking back on my OP I completely forgot to mention belt at all... guess the alternative would be dungos or thundergods or something like that.