need info on a mf barb


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need info on a mf barb

hi all

im planning on maxing me and my friends mf runs by making a find item bard to body rob as i follow them around hopefully increasing the out put 2 fold,

if any one could post me a good gear set up and skills in need to use,
or point me in teh right direction to a guide,,

gear i was thinking of
war trav
eni or skullder or tal rash
amy not sure yet
7% mfsc's

many thx in advance..


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On my MF barbarian, I used the Viper Torc Amulet. If you are non-ladder, I still have it. It does 2 to Barbarian skills and 48% MF. Use Enigma, unless you aren't gonna MF yourself, well, you should still use it. If teleporting and fighting on your own isn't a problem, use ethereal skullder's.