Need In-Game Help With Quests/Rushes/Muling/Ubers/Help? Ask Here!


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Hello everybody!
Just reinstalled the game for a revival, and was wondering if anyone could boots me
[EuScLadd] *Ivasar

Niarde Almasiaz

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hello. i just bought a 2nd hand laptop and found a copy of the game inside.
so i started playing it.
playing a necromancer. any help would be appriciated.

José Henrique

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Hi guys, first post here! But i've been watching this site for a very long now... I need help right now with a Super Diablo that spawned in my game! I'm holding the game open but i can't kill him :(
I really need the anni!
Thanks in advance!




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returning player here, would like a rush from start through at least nightmare. I goofed and started a single player game thinking i could go online non ladder, and now I don't want to go through that again lol. available most of this afternoon, US east.


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Hello - just reinstalled the game after d4 news. Was hoping someone could help rush my sorc from Normal to Hell in USWEST ladder. Would appreciate it!!!