Need In-Game Help With Quests/Rushes/Muling/Ubers/Help? Ask Here!

Reborn Tengu

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I got back into the game a few days ago. I used to have everything but my account got deleted :/

I need a hellrush on useast non ladder.


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Got bored and started d2 again, if anyone could help me with a rush to a5, would be much appreciated

US East / Ladder / Softcore


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Just started back into D2. Looking for a rush one one sorc from norm > hell. Can have forges and of course drops, also will have one +1 to cold skills sorc grand charm if needed.

Account: *ESVDiamond
Realm: USEast Non-Ladder
Mode: Softcore


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Hey I want to mule over some items to my other characters due to my current barb is kind of packed with items in his stash alredy.
Send me a pm here : ))''

im on europe standard ladder


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Re: Need In-Game Help With Quests/Rushes/Muling/Ubers/Help? Ask Here!

Edit: useast ladder. Wondering if anyone can give me hell baal quest?

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would someone be so kind to help me with leveling? I need a rush from NORMAL to HELL [SC]. :) Noodle has warned me because I played Diablo 2 with PlugY which is not allowed here, so I didn't have reinstalled the game, but my whole PC as a proof that I mean it seriously here! :D I would like to try to get my sorceress at 99th level as soon as possible, so I really do appreciate your help. :)

I am playing most of my time offline, because I didn't have someone to play with. But now... Now I could play through OpenBnet. :) If you are up to help me, you can find me in the room named "Rush". :) Have a nice rest of the day guys and I hope we will be able to see each other as soon as possible. :)
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Can anyone rush my level 3 barb from act 5 normal to act 4-5 on Hell? Preferably someone who can get a level 20 and 40 into the game quickly. I'll give the rusher a Ber for their time.

Realm: EU Non-Ladder
Mode: Softcore

Message me via forums or /w me in-game at *icastudie


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Hi, i need help with a Diablo 2 clone i found. This is my first anni! Message me. UN: potatoqueen

Realm: US West-Ladder


EDIT: Killed
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Uber Diablo spawned and I can't kill him. Any help would be apreciated.
US East
Game: assa
Password: mmm

EDIT: Game no longer exists.
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Hello, i could use some help with dclone if there is anyone who got a char that can kill him.
PM pls


orange one

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hi, is this thread still alive?
I'm on Europe SC L, and I have very angry DClone hunting my 77lvl sorcy) need help)
*orange_1ne, maybe afk, i'll whisp you back
you can also send pm here


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Need help with Matron's Den ASAP! U.S. East Realm Non-ladder Non-hardcore. Please help! Lilith keeps gaining health faster than I can kill her.

Game: fartfartfart
Pass: lmfaoweee