Need help with zeal pala


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Need help with zeal pala

hi, iv built a zeal pala, he is currently lvl 70
strengh: 167
dexterity: 125
vitality: 118
energy: 15

20 sacrifice
20 zeal
20 fanatisism
7 holy shield (going to max)

I was told by my friend that there is hidden AR bonuses in blessed aim and i should put all remaining skill points in that.
Is that true? if it isnt, what would u recomend with the remaining points.

I also would like to know what i should do with my stats, i.e. what stats i should aim for.
All help appreciated, thnx.


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Hi there. I think u could place a point in vengeance, and the rest in the synergies resist fire,cold and light. A good choise, if u have problems with Psysical Imunes. Also go for deadly strike, crushing blow and open wounds, it's always nice too have.

Have fun


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imo ur str and dex is a lil on the high side...
stop adding points there and put all remaining points into vit and ur good...

depending on ur weapon, u might need vengence for IM...