Need help with skills/stats for MF Sorc


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Need help with skills/stats for MF Sorc


So ive got some pretty elite mf sorc gear, but i screwed up my last sorc and pretty much cant kill a thing....

Im looking for some help with what i should do so i can kill almost all the important MF monsters....Andy, Countess, Meph, Pindle, Baal and D maybe

365 stat points free
69 skill points

Helm: Harlequin Crest Shako 130+ Def
Armor: Tal Rasha`s Guardianship -Lacquered Plate 930-940 Def
Weapon: 180% MF Crystal Sword
Shield : 100%MF Monarch
Amulet: Tal Rasha`s Adjudication
Rings: (2) Perfect Nagelring 30% MF
Belt: Tal Rasha`s Belt 15%MF
Gloves: Perfect Chance Guards 40% MF
Boots:War Traveller Boots 50% MF
Inventory: Annihilus Small Charm, 7%MFsc

I'm looking for suggestions on what amounts of everything i should have BEFORE putting on my gear

Any help is appreciated guys, thanks a bunch



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Re: Need help with skills/stats for MF Sorc

Hmm... Dud...

I hope I'm mistaken, but IMHO with that gear there is no way a sorc can solo Hell Baal... With any build... +5 skills just wouldn't cut it. Only a summon necro, I think, can allow himself that kind of setup.

Dumping some MF for some war gear might lead you to something...


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Re: Need help with skills/stats for MF Sorc

well i can always cut out baal, im mostly just looking to mf the main guys, baal was just a faint dream


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Re: Need help with skills/stats for MF Sorc

If you trade that crazy gear (cuz they sure are worth a lot) away and get the remaining of the Tal's Set, you can build a Meteorb MF sorc who will be able to solo ALL the areas you mentioned. That's what I would have done.

If you really have to remain with that gear, though, I guess your best bet would be pure Blizz. Max Blizz, synergies, and rest of points into Mastery. You would be able to do Meph, Andy and Pindle. If you're careful. The lack of resists is quite frightening...

And you would tele as slowly as a zon. :lipsrsealed:


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Re: Need help with skills/stats for MF Sorc

And you would tele as slowly as a zon. :lipsrsealed:
which will kill you sooner or later.

you should get to 105% fcr or least 65% before you start hopping around with that girl. full or at least positive resists wouldnt hurt either.

first you should get rid of the shield and exchange it for a spirit monarch (fcr, fhr and resists).
second lose that sword and exchange it for an oculus (with an ist if you have to). it will have "only" 80 mf, but resists, fcr, +3 skills and some other stuff in return.

i guess you have a gheeds too and your shako and armor socketed with perfect topazes?

get a merc with insight, if you didnt consider this already.

get a sorc torch if you can afford one. if not get the cheapest torch available for more resists and stat points.

stats are easy:
enough str to wear your gear. take your anni into account.
vit rest.
dex and nrg none.

skills depend on your personal taste.
frozen orb/meteor/fireball/firewall (if your merc can tank)/chain lightning/charged bolt/blizzard are all fine. just chose two skills from different elements, one timered and one not, one with no (needed) synergies and one that you can pump up.

i (and many other people) like frozen orb. the synergy isnt needed, it will do enough damage without. put enough points into cold mastery for a final skill of 17 (with +skill gear).

the second skill is up to you as you will probably be using mostly fo. to be "different", you could max firewall and fire mastery and you would have enough points left for the fo mastery and maxed cold mastery. fireball/meteor and fire mastery would be the more popular choice though.



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Re: Need help with skills/stats for MF Sorc

He has 180%MF sword and 100%MF monarch, that's 10 Ist's :wink3:
you mean that were 10 Ists he cant spend for anything useful anymore. :shocked:

Dubert, i forgot to mention, but you can of course leave those two things on your weapon switch and usde them for your killing blow on bosses. BUT this wont make much of difference, because your actual gain in mf for uniques and sets will already be minimal with all your other mf equipment.



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Re: Need help with skills/stats for MF Sorc

I need some suggestions in the same agenda.

My sorc is lvl 78, she's made to kill mephisto, run countess, Summoner, and maybe Andy and Ancient tunnels. Occasionally she offers rushing service for normal and NM.

The skills, as expected, are max blizz, max spike, about a dozen in ice blast, and about 1/2 dozen in ice bolt. This being said, she does quite some damage.

other skills are: 1 pt warmth, 1 pt static, 1 teleport, 2 Energy shield.

Strength: just enough to get the Monarch on
Dex - none
Vita - 230+
Energy - 100 or so

Gear: Tals set, Spirit monarch, Chance guards, rare rings with Str, res, FCR, life, mana (19 + 8), Rare boots with resists and FRW, geeds and Torch (now and then - i sometimes burrow it to friends)

Total life: about 800-900
Total mana: about 700

merc: Defiance act 2, Stone, Tal, Reapers

I have about 50 stat points and about 2 skill points to distribute.

I can run Meph safely and kill him immeadiately (even without torch)
My Blizz damage is 3500 (no torch) or 4500 (with torch)
Cold piercing is 140 with torch (125 without?)
i think i'm at the 63 FCR BP - that's fine.

Sometimes ... i die -- but rarely.

What should I do with the stat points???
1) add to strength so that i can replace the ring with nagelrings (is this little extra MF worth it? - I do bugged meph's)
2) some of my equip boosts dex, should i pump dex to get some Block (I wont get max block anytime soon, but it might help)
3) should I just dump all into vita?
4) should I put more in Energy, and put all skill points in telekinesis?

I'm doing bugged Meph runs, so I'm not worried about act 4 or 5.