Need help with Single Player Summoner


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Need help with Single Player Summoner

Hey guys. Decided to take a break from Guild Wars and play some single player D2 :) After playing through normal with a Holy Fire Pally i decided to try a Summoning Necro for the very first time. So far im doing ok, still in Act1 Normal @ level 10. My only real question/problem is, how in the world am i suppossed to kill bosses like Diablo with his huge AoE attacks? I'll be pretty minion dependent and last time i checked minions dont really stand a chance vs. Act bosses.
I was thinking of using Bone Spear but i would have to invest heavily in the bone wall/prison skills to make it usable-and im pretty sure i wont have access to marrowalks to boost its dmg.

As of now my skill distribution is this:
Skel. Mastery-1
Raise Skelly-4
Clay Golem-1
Amp Dmg-1
Bone Armor-1

Any suggestions on skills and possible(easy to find, remember, its Single Player) gear choices would be greatly appreciated!



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It depends on what level you hit the act bosses at. Duriel is likely to be your biggest challenge. I seem to remember having my necro die to him a lot (at least in normal).

For Diablo, if you can hit level 24, you shouldn't have too much trouble. At that point you can get summon resist and decrepify. Summon resist will help your minions live longer, and if you combine decrepify and clay golem, you should be able to slow Diablo down enough that he doesn't attack very much.

None of the other bosses should be a problem for you. Mephisto's main "hurt 'em" attacks are ranged, so once your minions close, you should be fine. Baal is a pushover once slowed.

Don't really have much advice against Duriel, however. You won't be high enough level to have bone prison, which I find the most effective way to deal with him. Hopefully someone else can recommend a strategy that'll work.



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Actually i'll probably be around level 26 by the time i finish Act2. I always play with /players8 to get more of a challenge out of it. Right now im about to enter the maggot lair and im nearly level 23. Bone Prison is what you're suggesting though? I'll put a point in it and see what i can do with it. I still wont have much in the way of damage though, since i dont have anything in the spear/spirit skills. Guess i'll have to drop the difficulty before i fight him to be safe.

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The problem that most necros have with Norm Duriel is that they haven't access the skills that kill him the quickest. For instance, decrepify takes a lot out of him. Duriel's biggest asset is his Holy Freeze aura combined with his speed/charge attack. Decrepify him to reduce speed. Bone Prison him to nullify charge. Bingo, dead Duriel.


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Found that around lvl 22, with RS maxed, and SM with a point, and amp curse, Duriel sorta died.... Quickly.

Think 22 points used or maybe 23 total at that time.

I usually dont buy hardly anything with my necro til Diablo other than skellies

Diablo requires summon resist and as a result clay golem as well.
Diablo is nice to have decryped.... but I lived without it i think.

Baal needs CG/Decryp imo.... but you can be 35ish when you face him if you want.
Duriel just needs to not kill your skellies too fast.. you can do this with decryp/CG, or having the skellies so high already that it take shim 3-4 hits or more to kill them.. hence.. the skells will have him dead before they are dead.

Andariel in normal was probably my hardest fight after Diablo.
By time i got to baal at 33, he wasnt too hard at all on my minions... he was a little hard on me tho having bad resists.

Meph is cake in all instances. Or has been for me... at most hes killed 3 skellies, and never endagered me whatsoever.

Andy - kills skellies quick if poison wave is shot, poison wave can hurt you if resist is not up to snuff. Kills skellies pretty good with her melee attack too, but lvl 15-18ish should overcome her if theyve focued almost all points into skellies with one in amp.

Duriel - If you diverted too much from maxing skellies, youll need Clay and Decryptify. If youve maxed skellies and nothing else, you should be good around 22ish with some luck, duriel will take out half your army. No threat to you unless skels all die(thank gosh they slowed him down a little.. you used to ALWAYS take the first hit from duriel, and that HURT in hell)

Meph - Cake... surround, amp... destroy.. Summoner just makes him look pathetic. Skellies will die a little in normal, but he is Duriel's strength or weaker, and youve lvled up in the forest getting to him.

Diablo - Poses hard threat to your life points, and destroys skellies without lvl 2 or 3 summon resist in 1 or 2 elemental attacks. I tried him at 23 i think, he killed all skellies in 3 fire novas and only had to 75% or so. Really suggest clay and Decryp and position clay away form skels to eat the lightning/fire river thing. Summon resist.. more the better... stop at 3 tho if not earlier, because you can buy a +2 necro wand and lvl 5 resist is all I suggest needing end game really.

Baal - your skellies should be hardier than when they faced diablo, his ele attacks are of equal or slightly stronger value. They pose more of a threat to you now than the skellies. Decryp and Clay him... sit back and watch.

20 Raise skeleton, 20 skeleton mastery
1 Clay golem
1 Golem Mastery
1 Summon resist
1 amp
1 terror
1 weaken
1 decryp
1 teeth
1 corpse explosion
1 bone armor

That will carry you to the middle of hell and possibly the end of hell tho it gets a little rough, as long as you can buy a +2 necro wand(shop ormus/etc)

Suggestions on other skills...

Corpse explosion higher if you dont have a lot of + skills, I maxed it on my first summoner, really nice in hell to get phys immune packs.
Bone spear and Bone wall are GREAT to max :)
Bone wall does double duty of pumping bone spear damage, and pumping bone armor damage, giving you a more protective shield of bone.

You could also go poison, but youd have to max all 3 poison skills, and hold off on the skelly mastery a little(like... leave it at 5 or 1)
Poison fully synergized does good on regular enemies.
Bone is more of a boss killer.
Corpse does best on regular enemies i find tho.

And get a might merc and try to keep his equip up to par
Also get your resists up, and possibly get Dim Vision for help in Hell with ranged ele attacks(and nightmare/norm too if bad resists). Tho some claim they dont need dim vision.. but they have teleport i believe.

Dim Vision ranged attacks, amp melee attackers or decryp if they are unique/have annoying auras, let minions kill, throw bone spears or poison(whichever you went for), then when 2 corpses fall, Kaboom!... and 10 corpses fall. rinse... repeat


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Summon Resist is the most important skill for handling Diablo in Normal as a summoner. It also helps to resummon your clay golem on a side of him that has the least skeletons. He just about always uses that red-lightning hose skill on the CG first.