Need Help with PvM Firetrapper


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Need Help with PvM Firetrapper

Hi, I started a new PvM firetrapper on hardcore after the last one died in nightmare cows. Before he died I was trying to do diablo, and I had my first encounter with fire immunes. I had no back up attack at that time, and didn't kill much. With the new sin (now starting act1 nightmare) I need to have a backup attack before I reach CS. I'm now lvl 37, and have 2 left over skill points. The rest:

1 Dragon Talon, Dragon Claw, Dragon Tail, Dragon Flight
1 All shadow skills except venom
4 Fire Blast
20 Wake of Fire
1 Wake of Inferno

What would be the best way to handle fire immunes in late nightmare and hell?

Getting a party to help won't be an option, as I'm trying to make a char that can beat the game with no outside help except trading.