Need help with my BvA


Need help with my BvA

So here is gear what i use atm=

Arreat 9dex (40/9 --> cant afford)
Stormshield 9dex (40/9 --> cant afford)
Enigma Mp
Botd Cb (style ofc)
2*20dex raves + highlord

Should i chance arach for dungos to hit 50dr? Or just use arach? I am searching tripla resist boots (cold/fire/light), so i would use them instead of gores. I know ebotd zerk is better than cb, but for me it is style :cool:
But should i remake this barb with ebotd zerk (i cant afford grief yet :undecided: )

I am maxed following skills= ww, mastery, bo, shout, 1inc speed, 1nat res. Should i put rest skill points to leap?

All help/information would be great :flowers:


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BvA = BvC with enough dex for max block (with angelics usualy) with storm shield (wich is only used against other barbs). There's plenty of guides for BvC around here, I strongly advice to rebuild and use axes.