need help with my big work;)


need help with my big work;)

Well i gonna do singer barbarian, ( also got a other name WARCRY'er ).
I gonna use this items but got 1 problem, tell u later
Enigma bp
Arach belt
2xbk 3
3 wc amu

4 wc skiller

the problem is what helm i gonna use not sure,
some of this 4


Shako'p sapphire'
are 2xbarb skill, 2 battleorders, 1 grimwarder, 30 life, 20 mana gonna sock it with p sapphire if i gonna use it, get 58 mana then+ 1 enegry not for sure but its 5 more mana?~ 60 mana,


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Just letting you know from my experience.

I made a wc barb once...Perfect setup. 2x hoto/maras/enigma etc...
10x wc charms...

He was a massive letdown. He couldn't solo anything really. The only use I had for him was stunning minions for others to kill and level 45 bo. If you're a party pleaser then it's a good build but if you're more the solo effort it's a waste of time :( Now he was a blast PvP, but still a weak char.

With that said I'd probably go with the shako. 2 Skills, Mana/Life/ DR. Arreats is nice, but for a wc'er the only good mods are really the Resists and +2. With enigma you'll have all the str you need for any of you gear whatsoever and dex is a lost cause on a wc barb.


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The godliest singer will never be a viable solo hell build until blizzard changes warcry damage to "magic" instead of physical. Since that will never happen (blizzard has forgot about d2) stick with a party to do the bulk of the killing or don't bother.


well i build this for PvP, i know they arent so good in PvM but, my idea to use bow merc cold ( with good damage of course, i stun the enemys and let merc kill them,


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Well in that case definitely shako, For the life/Mana/skills/DR. Unless your resists are just really lacking.