Need help with MF


Need help with MF

Hi, I play in Europe Ladder and I have a fire sorc in lv 82 and I think that she can be a mf sorc. The items I thinked to use:

Tals armor 'ptopaz', belt, amu. (112+15+65mf)
Shako 'ptopaz' (74mf)
Gull '15mf ***' (115mf)
Rhyme (25mf)
Cow kings boots (25mf)
Chance guard (40mf)
2x 30nagel (60mf)
Gheeds (40mf)
This is 571%mf and I dont know if its good. Should I change some item(s)?

My merc:
(act 3 merc)

Weapon: Alibaba (1 mf per lvl)
Shield: Rhyme (25mf)
Helm: Shako 'ptopaz' (74mf)
Armor: Wealth (100mf)
This is 279 mf if my merc is lvl 80.

We have 850 mf together. Is that enough? Can I get more mf from my merc? I think that act 3 merc can get the most mf. Please, can somebody help me?

Thanks for reading (and maybe answer).


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there's a few other posts similar to this. Try doing a search, you'll find a few. It's possible to hit over 1200 or 1400 MF (can't remember off hand), but there's not much reason too. That's probably the most MF you can get without using much more expensive gear. I think you'll find that you'll get better MFing results if you cut back on the gear and focus a bit more damage. There's only limited benifit to get your MF up over 500 or so. Can your merc even kill anything? It must take a while.


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Well if your planning to run Meph or Andy, then try to focus your main weapon/shield to be: Eschuta/Spirit Hoto/Spirit Oculus/Spirit, then when he's near death switch to Gull/Rhyme for the extra MF.

Also, cow kings? Try to get War Travs if you can afford, and don't bother with that merc, try to get a Defensive/Holy Freeze Merc with Insight(So teleing wont be a problem) EFort and EGaze so he can tank for you. If you really want MF on him get a skullders and 3Ptopazed Elite Helm.

You should be fine with around 400-500 MF so try to keep it near that.



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Eschuta/Spirit Hoto/Spirit Oculus/Spirit

Heck, if you can't get any of those weapons, Wizard Spike Unique Bone Knife works well too.


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I agree get rid of rhyme and gull (Those items should be on switch for boss finishing) and switch for spirit and occy. It will improve your results a lot with the fcr and huge damage.

And insight on your merc helps like crazy especially when using a sorc or anyone teleing. You really don't need much mf on your merc, shako is fine but you may find you need to put a huge amount of leech on him with andys helm, or if you don't have an insight use reapers toll. You should be doing most of the killing anyway.

immunities are always a huge issue with sorc mfing, so be smart about where you mf.