Need help with low lvl dueler bowzon


Need help with low lvl dueler bowzon

Hi, I want to make a low level bow amazon dueler (lv 29). I'll get 28 skill points without any skillquests, but I can maybe do the quests in normal and nm so I get 28+8=36 skp. Where should I put them? Should I go for max GA
(12 skp)? 36-12=24. 8 skp to CS for 50% deadly strike, 5 skp to dodge, avoid and evade.
Or should put more in defensive skills (dodge, avoid and evade)?

Str: Only enough for gear
Dex: Rest here
Vit: around 50
Ene: nothing

Should I put more in vit? I can get many Subsidence small charms (11-15 life, lv 17 req) so I think I don't need more than ~50 in vit.
Dex is very important for the +dmg so I think it's good to put the rest here.

The gear(?)...hmm...I have no idea. I've heard that if I got 50% deadly and 50% critical i will always do double dmg. So I maybe should get much deadly strike ~50%. But I have no idea of what gear I should use. Can someone help me? :undecided:

Thank you