Need help With Conc Baba For Dc


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Need help With Conc Baba For Dc

I currently am having problem with dc atm...
this is my gear
eth gimmer,arrects,highlords,hwains belt(prevent monster heal),dual leech ring,dwarf star,goblin toe and gereks. i cant seem to kill him any suggestions would b appreacated ty for reading


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Melees maybe the worst chars ever to try and solo DC. Even with all the crushing blow and deadly strike you have it wont be enough. If your on west and still trying /w stimm-ldr and ill give ya a hand


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There goes my suggestion in the thread about "What character can kill DC fastest" Thought my sin with 90% CB and OW actually stood a chance :lol: (well, I know she doesn't since she is only lv 75..but 10 levels on, it might have know...full res, Fade, DR...)


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My lvl 76 conc barb (at the time) solo'd him with another comp in the game. Key for me was lots of pots and open wounds. I didn't even have PMH. You need high AR. I absolutely had to have my merc alive to kill DC. My merc is wearing Sharptooth Throw and that has open wounds on it. Was the only way to widdle DC down. Took me about 30 mins to take him down.



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Stimm said:
Melees maybe the worst chars ever to try and solo DC. Even with all the crushing blow and deadly strike you have it wont be enough. If your on west and still trying /w stimm-ldr and ill give ya a hand
Worst chars? I've killed at least 7 or 8 DCs with various WW barbs, in games ranging from 2 player to 6 player. Most of these were solo kills.

Personally, I think ww is still far superior to conc, not to mention less BORING. As long as you can tank his damage, and you have pmh or open wounds or something to stop his regen, and have enough pots to keep on attacking, he's cake. Max is right about AR though, unless you (robin) have an inv full of AR charms, your chance to hit dclone must be craptacular. Switch the rings for raven/angellic, and I would recommend a weapon with more physical damage. I beat dclone the first time with an upgraded pupil.


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Why Conc instead of Zerk? He doesn't attack you with melee all that often, and Zerk does ridiculous dmg in comparison.


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Are you using Battle Cry? That definitely helps. Keep him BC'd.


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Get something that can amp/decrep him on switch. Like an item with charges, or a weapon with chance to cast it. My thrower uses Lacerators on him, and have never had a problem. (Yeah I know, throwing isnt melee, but just think of it as a range 500 weapon and you'll be OK)


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Remember CB works on a % of life not on your weapons damage. Maybe you can imrpove your rate if you have a firrent weapon for him, perferably with more CB and as fast as possible to get in more hits.

Does the -defense per hit on the Unique Sword Cromir Vante (whatever) work on D? it also slows, is blindingly fast and has PDR whihc isnt all taht needed for D. Other items like Butchers, New Tomhawk...

It is very possible you just dont have the AR for him so many even a posible budgit AR boost with Angelics and by a Decrep wand instead of Highlords and Dual leech (doesnt work on him).

BTW, I think any barb using Conc is going to take a very long time to take him down. Zerk is very high natural damage and big AR boost, but you need to evaluate that with your build comparing AR/Damage between Conc and Zerk.

Next option is TOTALLY take care of mercs resist, give him a solid CB/open wounds weapon and all the leech you can get. Try and make D focus on you and not your merc, this simply means attack him from behind or first, if he focuses on Merc retreat and approach again.

This is all mind work, havent tried it but it has merrit. If i found him I would simply switch characters but this may not be possible for you.

BTW, if you run into him again and you are on EAST /w StingerHc I wont take your charm and if we need help I will get it and they wont take it either! I have helped sevearl ppl and watched that puppy hit the ground and I only have one which was given to me. Greed does not flow in my veins!