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Need help with amazon build

Discussion in 'Amazon' started by slaphappy, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. slaphappy

    slaphappy IncGamers Member

    Mar 15, 2012
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    Need help with amazon build

    ive have build a bowazon, but i dont think i make any damage in chaos
    my gear:

    weapon: faith
    armor: enigma
    belt: razortail
    gloves: +2 to amazon skilllevels 20% attackspeed
    boots sandstorms
    helm dream
    amulet the cats eye
    rings 2 ravens


    guidedarrow: 32 with gear
    multibli shot 26 with gear
    strafe 32 with gear

    and on passive and magic i have put a few points into all passive things

    and i have 423 in dexterity

    what should i change so i do moore damage? should i only go with strafe and skip insight on merc, and use pride weapon on him?
  2. Karth

    Karth IncGamers Member

    Nov 16, 2009
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    Re: Need help with amazon build

    What base is your faith in?
    For now I would change Enigma to Fortitude, replace your boots with War Travelers or Gore Riders, plan on replacing dream with Giant Skull, Crown of Thieves, or Andariel's Visage.

    Maxed guided arrow is good, but multishot only needs to be level 23 after all +skills to be maxed; after that increases mana costs but provides no other benefit at all. Strafe gains some benefits from additional points but with a faith-based multishot type build you're probably going to get a bigger benefit from pumping extra skill points into critical strike.

    Someone else can probably offer more help, but at least that's a start. Finding out what base you have faith in will help a bunch anyway.
  3. zaphodbrx

    zaphodbrx IncGamers Member

    Nov 1, 2011
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    Re: Need help with amazon build

    I use this for my strafeazon

    atma's scarab
    Laying of hands
    M'avina's true sight
    I forgot the rest

    It comes to 90 ias, which hits the 9 frame breakpoint for normal arrows ( like GA/multishot ).
    I maxed strafe as that is my main skill.
    GA is not very good for pvm. Multi shot is good, but level 12-15 is quite sufficient.
    Remaining points were split between critical, penetrate and pierce.

    2/20 gloves are just not as good as LoH if you'r going into areas with mainly demons ( like pits ). And i have no idea why you want enigma. Similarly, cat's eye is a pvp item. Atma's for pvm please. Oh, and make sure you have KB on your gear somewhere.
    My strafer can take out players 7 pits quite easily. And I have only 250 pts dex, preferring to keep my hitpoints at around 900 w/o call-to-arms
  4. Krupa

    Krupa IncGamers Member

    Mar 5, 2008
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    Re: Need help with amazon build

    some of this was mentioned by the other posters already

    as this is supposed to be a multishot build:

    i assume the faith is made in a GMB bow with 13+ lvl aura roll

    switch enigma for fortitude

    multishot arrows can´t pierce the target (except the 2 arrows in the middle) so ditch the razortail and use a nos coil
    to reach the last breakpoint, u´re short of another 45 ias. those can be gotten from mavinas diadem with an ias jool, andariels face with an ias jool or a 3 soc helmet with 3 of them. the last option would be the best, if price is not an issue: artisans tiara with frw/dex/mf suffix filled with ias & ed OR max jools (max and ed mod in the helmet don´t mix and match!)

    sandstorms -> war traveler (they are superior for MS imo, gores will work too ofc)
    switch the second raven for a ring with mana leech, ur set-up should be short of that if i am not mistaken

    your gloves could be switches to LoH, as diablo and some monsters are demons in CS

    lastly u want critical strike at level 16 including skill points, if u have pints to spare dump them there. MS should be level 23 or less

    your merc should not wear an insight. handle mana with leech. give him a reapers toll or a pride (reapers will result in higher damage in the end)
  5. Xehros

    Xehros IncGamers Member

    Feb 16, 2012
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    Re: Need help with amazon build

    Bowazons just don't do that much dmg relatively speaking to other builds/classes. They rely on shooting fast over a period of time to do any real dmg. Even with top end gear my guided is only like 2.1k-8.4k. I still love them though (my fav class of old even though they been nerfed, especially hate the piercing nerfs). I mean too easy mode is not fun hehe. Suggestions by other guys here is a start of course. I'd especially do the switching to laying of hands for bosses for the massive increase to dmg vs demons.

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