need help with 3 socket claws


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need help with 3 socket claws

hey guys I was curious about how I would go about getting 3 socketed claws with assassin mods on them

i've seen fury and chaos claws with +venom +df +ls etc.

are these white (normal) claws that already had these +skills on them and then sockets were added via cube

or were those +assassin skills added on in some other way?

thanks in advance

p.s. where's a good place to find claws like that?


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Re: need help with 3 socket claws

Yes, they can be white claws with skills already on them. You can cube them to give them sockets (might reroll the mod, can someone confirm?). If you're really lucky you can get grays with the exact number of sockets and with the exact skills you are looking for!

Don't think any one place is better over others when it comes to finding whites and grays, so any place in later Acts in Hell should be fine. Also since MF helps increase the chance of improving the quality of dropped items, you might want to ditch MF in favor of damage dealing gear. Thats if you are specifically hunting for whites and grays.


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Re: need help with 3 socket claws

Socketing claws (or wands, staves etc.) with the cube recipe does not re-roll the staffmods.

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