need help w/ lvl 49 oath barb guide


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need help w/ lvl 49 oath barb guide

could someone please either tell me gear/skills/stats layout or post a link to a guide for a lvl 49 pvp oath barb?



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Im not sure im correct but i think its like this:

4 socks armor with life, socketed with max dmg/ed jewels.
Arreats with ed/max dmg jewel
Sanctuarry Dragon shield

Skill wise max ww and mastery ofc. Then 1 in speed and nat res, rest goes to your bo.

Then fill up with 40 20 life sc's or some cry skillers.


Swap dragon shield out for Hyperion,
Swap armor out for a shaftstop, or if not vs physical - eth weave prudence works well.
Tgods is ok, but only usable as sorb vs light. IK Belt + Boots + gloves is decent combo.

ed/max in armors is bugged iirc, 30/15 ed/ias'd be the way to go.


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ik gloves
stone dusk
tg/blood belt/string
hyperion sanctuary
areats ed jewel
oath highland

max bo
max sword mastery
one point natural res, inc speed beserk, 1 battle command, rest in ww

stash items
tele amu vs casters and teleporters
3 sox shields with light, cold res
one oath highland for smiters and hammers
duress dusk

charms life ar max/ run ar max/ run res/ life single mod res

enough str to equip items, enough dex for max block rest vitae, aim for at least 3.2k life without prebuff.


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i was gonna go eOath small crescent because of the much lower reqs and approximately equal dmg. also, for high def armor, why shouldn't i use ePrudence dusk instead of stone?

neways, ty for ur suggestions.


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ultrabadbob said:
i was gonna go eOath small crescent because of the much lower reqs and approximately equal dmg. also, for high def armor, why shouldn't i use ePrudence dusk instead of stone?

neways, ty for ur suggestions.

highland for the range, stone because the stats are better, 60 fhr all you need plus the other stats make it a better armour than prudence imo.


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but is 1 more range and a bit more dmg really worth sacrificing roughly 70 pts in vit? though i do like the way swords look more than the way axes look.

I think ill try both stone and eth prudence, however.


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yes, less life with highland. the gains are when dueling other barbs using highland and dueling smiters. smiters will have the same range as you if you use small crescent and barbs will slightly outrange you. regarding prudence, if you use the socket recipe you will get a nice def armour, my dusk has 2651 def but i normally use duress when dueling other barbs to be honest.
all the armours mentioned are useful as too are the highland and small crescent. it may depend on which weapon you can get with a good roll %. good luck.


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It's been a while, and I was always a hardcore dueler, but I wouldnt build mine the way anyones listed it above, I've had great success with something closer to the following:

ED/IAS arreats
4x ed/ias'd jewelers xxx of the whale
Eth oath highland
ed/ias as needed, rest ed/max (I dont believe its bugged in shields?) in an AToD
Gore riders
Tele amulet with other mods (ie +skills, stats, life, resistence etc)
dual stat, +life etc etc rare ring

Now, I dont remember the IAS breakpoints off the top of my head, but if theres any left that you need, which there shouldnt be, get it from the gloves, otherwise I'm an advocate of IK gloves (free 40 stats, cant go wrong there)

Of course, this is a zerker, not a WWer.

It works better IMO to go to 53 for the eth oath balrog blade.

As I said, there are likely differences between the hc/sc ideal build, and I left out a lot of specifics such as charms, switch-gear and all that jazz, but its a very solid HC build, which I'm sure would catch a lot of people off gaurd. Basically your goal is to get a teleporting, 9frame zerk barb with a lotta damage, solid life and max blocking. Oh yeah, if I recall correctly, its 125%IAS you need to hit 9frame zerk with the eth oath BB.



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thanks for all ur suggestions, but im having trouble getting a sword/axe for oath and i cant get an eth dusk shroud to try prudence. nebody know of a good place to run to get those 2 items? or if they are readily tradeable?


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hmmm is oath barbs a lld? i dont understand whats so special bout the runeword cept the BS that will fly around and hitting the last ww frame


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oath pros:
-excellent dmg if u get a good roll, and still alright dmg if u get a bad one.
-adds indestructible mod so can be in an eth wep (lower reqs + more dmg!)
-as u said, reaches last ww bp
-low req lvl

unfortunately, ww doesnt trigger 'chance to cast x on hit/attack' mods.

-wide range of possible %ed (non issue if u by the thing already made)
-rediculous impossibility of finding/trading eth weps to make one in (same as above)


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you dont really need prudence or stone unless you are in a dr% limited environment (league whatever) just use shaft or ed/str/life armor.

my base setup is
2 raven
ik gloves
craft amu
WTS (gores most likely better but i cba muling them)
oath highland

switches with another oath (>1 oath 2handed)
tgods/blood belt

socket gear with ed/str/dex as required for each setup to get maxblock and/or reqs for oath.

best armor vs casters imo is ed/str/life and switch out for life res charms.
the easier way is to just make 4 ort 4 thul etc armors vs foh and cold.

charms basically any sc you can use at high lvl so run/max life/max life/res etc GCs 10max/30life can also be used.

skilling - max mastery, 1 in everything you need, rest in inc speed

btw basic 4 socket ethereal weapons are easy to trade and find :)


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conor rocks said:
Wait what is the point of this barb?
to duel other mid levels and take some highs unawares

oh yeah a teleport amu might be handy too and some damage to mana on jewels unless you chug pots. if not then maybe mana on scs.