need help picking merc wep (not a repeat Q)


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need help picking merc wep (not a repeat Q)

Hey guys,

i need sum advice on what my merc should use as a weapon. i use a bone/summon hybrid build by Dracoy (if would be nice if he could comment) necro build, and i use it 4 pvp and it is actually quite decent.

when the new runewords came out, the concentration aura of Pride really caught my attention cause i'd have a huge boost in dmg there for my skellies (mastery lvl:46, summon lvl:44)

now i saw the posts by i think phrosty and another guy asking the pride vs. infinity. BUT This is NOT a repeat question

the posts 4 those all were in regard to pvm and baaling and pindling. i would like to know wut to use for pvp.

since concentration boosts hammer dmg 4 pallies, would it raise my bone spell dmg as well? and against most melee players i can simply IM them, so do i still need the -defense from the conviction aura? IM is considered BM tho, so i usually dun do it plus i can easily kill meleers just using my bonehalf.

one last point to throw out. Vs casters who go full vit instead of max block, wouldn't it be better to have pride since their def is already so low, that conviction wouldn't really matter?

any help would be appreciated =) especially from u expert summmon/hybrids


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concentration won't boost your bone damage, sorry :(

also, i don't see how IM (iron maiden, right?) would help with lowering their defenses. maybe you can elaborate on this more. personally, i would go with conv because skeletons can dish out a lot of damage anyway, they just need to hit


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Pride would probably be superior in the case of pvp, because if it's a caster character their defense shouldn't be good anyways, and infinity will not help much against high def barbs and pallys, since convictions -% def only stacks with the +% def that Iron Skin, Shout, Holy Shield, and Defiance grant (so if they have 400% enhanced defense from skills, defiance will merely reduce their defense to 317% enhanced defense from skills, rather than take 83% of their total defense away, like in pvm.)