Need help, new to Diablo again


Need help, new to Diablo again

My story:

"Patch 1.10 will be due soon"

When I saw that bulletin on blizzards site, I had quit Diablo II. For a good long while as a matter a fact. My favorite classes used to be Barbarians, Sorceress's, and Amazons. (Like any other player during 1.09). And as 1.10 has rolled around and left its mark, it's left me in the dust. I've heard a lot of talk about 'synergies' and such, yet I have absolutely no clue what any of this new stuff is. I would like to begin by stating that I do not own Diablo II as of yet, but I am going to purchase it later on today. Anyways, when I do start, I would like to know which build I should go for first. If this is anything like 1.09, I should start with an MF sorceress/barb in order to search for that well-rounded stuff requird to build other characters. If this is not the case, please post what you think I should start to build. *DUE NOTE:* I would like to make a barbarian,sorceress, or amazon as my first choice so don't go mentioning a druid or necromancer, as I will get to those later.

Any of your help would be nice. (And by the way, if I should make an MF Sorceress, please post a link, because the one I saw in the Sorceress library was not really detailed and I'd rather focus more on fire than cold. Please tell me if thats a bad idea)
:lol: I'm a newbie again.


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Never under any circumstance will u ever make an MF barb in 1.10. An mf sorc sounds like a good choice tho. If u want to make a fire sorc i would recommend maxing meteor, fireball and firebolt/fire mastery. Its not really a good choice to go solo element tho. You should pick something in another tree to take care of those fire immunes in hell. I would recommend maxing frozen orb and putting around 10 pts in cold mastery. But this is just one build and there are loads of different ones. When it comes to stat placement, dont put anything in mana. Nothing. Its just not worth sacrificing life for mana in 1.10. YOu should get around 100 str to wear your equip (156 if u want stormshield), and either base dex for a hardcore vit build or around 200 dex for max block. Rest in vit.



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I'd like to second Samtron's suggestion...The build he describes is a Meteorb sorceress and they are quite powerful/versatile. Very good at running Mephisto, which is a very good place for newbies to get some good stuff. If your plan is only to get to Mephisto and run him then a Blizzard sorceress is the best choice although she lacks the flexibility of a Meteorb.

I'm not sure which guide you read but Sasja's guide is very detailed...

Bowazons are still viable MF'ers although you'll probably need Windforce or something similar to really compete with a Sorceress. Lightning Zons are also very good in 1.10 since Lightning Fury is as good as in 1.09 and they have fixed Charged Strike/Lightning Strike.