Need help making first zealot


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Need help making first zealot

Hi guys, I've decided instead of making a skelemancer, I'm going to make a melee paladin :clap:

It's going to be mostly PvM, but can be used also as a semi-effective PvPer because the gear is pretty much similar.

Here's what i was thinking in terms of skills. I've just read Cyrus' guide for Zealots, so I have a pretty good idea of it. Just comment if necessary:

20 Zeal (main attack)
20 Sacrifice (synergy)
20 Fanaticism (main aura)
How much Holy Shield?
As for the passive resists from the 3 resist auras, I don't think I'll be needing it, but I'll check after all the gear setup and Anya quests and charms.

*Any other skills that I missed out? Can a zealot also be a decent Charger?*
*Should I also have Vengence in case of Physical Immunes?

For stats, I know what I'm doing; it's pretty standard.



Perfect leech and DR 1.09 Gaze with a CHAM inside it.


Rare amulet: +2 Paladin skills, +about 17 to strength and dex, and about 10% resist all, and I think it's 30%ish lightning resist

*What about Highlord's Wrath? Which of the two amulets is better?


Chains of Honor Runeword in a Superior Dusk Shroud. I believe it's around 800 defense. Pretty good armor for +2 skills, leech, +20 strength, damage mods, DR, and resists.

*Any arguements here?


Ethereal BoTD Bezerker Axe
*The reason in me not choosing Doom is because Exile has *freeze targets* already

*Are there any other decent weapon choices?*


Ethereal Exile Shield: Which do you guys think I need? Resists, or ED/AR? Also, which shield is considered to be better than others?


Should I go with 2 Bul Katho Rings (perfect leech), or should I use two crafted rings that have 10% Life leech+str+life+little AR and resists?


I have a pair of rare glves: 20% IAS, 3% Life leech, +10 dex, +about 30% to cold and fire resists
*Any other better choices for gloves? Is the additional IAS on these gloves needed?
*Should I go with 7LL/4ML Souldrainer gloves instead?


Not sure if I should go with War Travs or Gore riders.


Verdungos here. But if I can't get a decent one, I'll use my perfect String of ears


Lidless shield and Call to Arms runeword for the warcries. Also will have a Unique Winged Axe incase of Physical immunes, and/or Iron Maiden.


Are plain +combat skill Grand charms better, or 3 max damage w/ AR small charms better? Which gives more in terms of AR/damage?

I'll also have an Annihilus Small charm, a Horadric Cube in my stash

*Any comments, or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! :)


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I would fill up one of your ring slots with a ravenfrost for the CBF mod and the +AR. I say this because i firmly believe that tal's mask is a better helm for a zealot than a vamp gaze. You may be laughing but high life+maxed block+decent/high defense should keep you alive through 99% of monster encounters unless you have a fetish for facing amp+damage aura minotaurs. If you really want to go with the cham'ed gaze then get resists on your exile shield because the CoH armor alone won't get you to max res in hell even with the resist quests. Highlords is the #1 undisputed choice for a zealot pally whether pvm or pvp because the damage increase from deadly strike is just too sweet (unless you are using death cleaver for its massive DS%).

In the charms department, i would say that you should concentrate more on resistance and life/damage charms (damage charms should be in the form of small charms). A pally toting a BoTD zerker along with maxed out zeal synergies and highlords should NOT need extra damage or AR from things such as combat skill charms, even in pvp. Using a resistance/life charm setup will allow you to use dracul's instead of souldrainers/rare gloves because dracul's has no resistances on it. Also leech is dead in pvp so about the only worthwhile pvp mod on any of these glove choices is the dracul's life tap. I'll also agree on goreriders for boots because the trip threat of open wounds+crushing blow+deadly strike is awesome. Since i'm not a math nut in d2 i won't calculate the damage boost but it will definetely be more than the +15-25 in war travs.


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With that type of build you should get about 4500 AR which is not bad. Be sure and get a Raven Frost on one ring slots like Omikron8 said.
I wouldn't worry too much about Combat Charms, but I would invest on some Life with a second mod to add to your resistances.

By the way, I have a level 99 Zealot exactly like you described. I used Cyrus 1.10 guide. Check it out it's pretty good.

Takis (El_Greco)


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How come ravenfrost? Will I be fine without it? Because my gaze already has a CHAM in it =S


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Jackson said:
How come ravenfrost? Will I be fine without it? Because my gaze already has a CHAM in it =S
Tal's Mask + ravenfrost > cham'ed gaze + BK ring simply because max block and decent defense/life should keep you alive through almost any physical encounter as long as your leech is sufficient which tal's mask also has more of.


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Omikron8 said:
Tal's Mask + ravenfrost > cham'ed gaze + BK ring simply because max block and decent defense/life should keep you alive through almost any physical encounter as long as your leech is sufficient which tal's mask also has more of.

I disagree, for the moment anyways, could you please list the exact amount of leech with both setups? i dont' know the leech amounts on 2xbk+gaze, but i can't see how tal's mask+raven would be better especially since he already has CBF with the cham, and do either setup affect block/life better? 2xbd adds life as well, hehe just sway my opinion here is all i'm looking for, not flaming.


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I kinda built my zealot weird...

rest into smite

I don't think ar is a big problem in pvm and with nice cheap items like nord's and angelic etc you shouldn't worry. If you want to go pvp well then ar is a much greater concern you might want to max zeal. However don't discount the def in my build for pvm :) With a defiance merc I'm topping 28k def... In pvp there's lot's of itd attacks sadly ... :scratch:


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i just looked up the items and with 2 bul rings and vamp gaze the life leech is better than 1 bk and tal's mask, he already has CBF with cham in his helm, so i am further along on my path of not understanding what you are saying, please clear this up for me :)


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This is more for PvM purposes. I just said it *can* be used for PvP because of similar gear/skill setup.

Anyways, thanks to everyone who replied.


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what is max resistances now? is it 95%? i'm thinking of using guardian angel instead of chains and with 10 in each of the resist skills, this would give me 95% but i want to make sure it is possible first


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amishamigo said:
And GA gives 15

75+15+5=95 o.-
you guys misunderstood my question, i am asking if the resistance cap is 95% or if it is higher or lower.


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You could go with beast, and then use concentration as your aura........a bit slower attack speed, but more damage...