Need help identifying song...


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Need help identifying song...

Hokay, this is going to be the weirdest song request ever, since I don't know the title, the performer or the lyrics. But I think people here listens to everything, so hopefully someone can recognize this.

All these years I thought it's called Mama Dance, but apparently it isn't, so says Google.

I think it was released some time back in 97/98. The vocal feel is somewhat a cross between Enya and henna Madonna, with a dash of pop.

If I remember correctly, the tune goes something like this. (hosted on Image Shack)
The first four bars is the verse, the next chorus.

I'm not really sure what instruments are used, as it's been so long, and I could imagining things. But... I think it has bongo rhythm and electric violin melody.

Fingers-crossed. :)


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Sounds like The Mummer's Dance by Loreena McKennitt.

EDIT: And now that I've had a moment to chew it over, I'm positive that's what it is - "mama dance" ... you were sooooo close on the title. :lol:


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Hahahaha, and I've always wondered why such a pleasanty song has such a hip-hoppish name. Thanks Dredd.

Beer's on me. :drink: