Need Help for Best Builds on Barb/Ama/Sin


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Need Help for Best Builds on Barb/Ama/Sin

Best Assassin/Amazon/Barb build with twinked items getting through hell and actually somewhat leveling there. This is in your opinion please. :) Also please post real quick skills/stats




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ehh supersavage there are no best builds

still a assy kicker or a assy trapper should be doable

for amazon well you can make hybrids or pure bow or a lightning zon

for barbs you have the old old ww and then there is the berzerker the iron barb or the throwbarb.

check borlags post about diff builds


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The best build is the one you can actually stay interested in for a while. :) No use giving me a concentrate barb, for example, as I find that skill boring and uncool. That's purely subjective of course.


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csarmi said:
What's so good about concentrate? You still hit only 1 monster at a time.
It has good damage, a massive boost to your defense, and some nice AR. It's quite effective, but as Fishy said, a bit on the boring side.



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The most exciting character that i've played has been my Dtail assassin. the gameplay is fast and furious, and it's not super-challening, but it's not super-easy either. plus, you use all of your skills all the time (and don't need keys). :)