Need Guide Assistance From SPF!


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Need Guide Assistance From SPF!

SPF Members,

I've been playing Diablo on and single player for some time now, but I've only been a member here not as long. I've read A LOT of guides and they're all very good, but I havent found a guide on the playstyle that I found most fun (a playstyle that I found here actually) and thats playing "untwinked" On realms most of the players as Chiamara put it "power players"

I believe that a lot of the players, and especially true newbies are missing out on a lot of the Diablo expirience, such as lower level runewords like Steel and Malice, instead of going for the higher level items. Also using regular magic items is laughable to most people on The trade rooms are filled only uniques, and any rare of regular magic that someone has used from playing Classic aka non LOD Diablo, that helped them survive does not have any value!

Also to even more try to push this idea, its sad to see that Blizzard took a long time developing a game with SO many options to have your character survive other than wearing the Occulus, Hearald of Zak, and Call to Arms. Characters with little to zero magic finding, can use the Horadric Cube to re-roll any item. Or even boost normal unique items.

To put in short, I want to put something together for the TRUE newbie so that they'll become an expirienced Diablo player and not just some power gamer, and also the power gamers who dont know more of what this game has to offer.

Currently I'm playing SCL US East realm, fully untwinked. I do have issues with my character, such as the obvious damage for my Werebear. Please tell me if I'm wasting my time with this guide! Although I dont think I am, we could include things such as easiest character to start with, but also give tips on how to even make an untwinked Zealot survive.

I'd love to play with a group of people willing to try this sort of thing out, even if its an SP MP game, preferably though I know this may be a stretch for some of you, but I'd really like your help. :)


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There's a really good reason that there are few guides that discuss untwinked play. It's because you have to play with what the game gives you. You can plan a build, but if it relies on a certain item, you're pretty much out of luck... or not. Depends.

People who enjoy this playstyle (myself lately) don't really want to play some cookie cut guide. There are lots of great general play guides, like the charms guide, and the Item Modification guide. The item mod guide is a must for untwinked play.


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Good ideas mackj.

Others have suggested a "guide for D2 newbies" in the past, but the idea never really took off.

A guide for untwinked play is something rather different. That playstyle is normally for those with experience in the game who are looking for a different challenge. There are some truely expert untwinked players in this forum that would certainly offer input to such a guide.

For either of these to happen, a few things are needed. 1) Someone has to write the first draft. 2) Forum feedback must be obtained and 3) The feedback must be integrated. It takes a fair amount of work, as all of our guide writers will testify.

Step one is the hard part.


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AE is right. Just write some pre-version of guide, we are good in adding informations, constructive criticism etc. I personally thought about making a newbie guide, but I gave up, because my English is not good...


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I learned a lot from untwinked play, i.e. my first 1.10 character with no 1.09 leftovers.

The assassin also became my favorite character because of this. So many utility skills, kind of like Barb warcries.

A guide like this would be quite big, basically explaining how to make do with little. A lot of builds need to stop and shop awhile at uniquemart (NM Meph) along the way to have enough ooomph to tackle Hell.

And as said before a lot of this info exists in various individual guides. Some one just needs to sort through them and optimize info for starting players and maybe add a class by class analysis. This would essentially be a "useful" strategy guide when finished. (If the game were new you could almost print it and sell it, were it thorough enough).


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I do have issues with my character, such as the obvious damage for my Werebear.
My Werebear and Werewolves all went untwinked through Normal, 1 all through Hell. Luck aside, I use different tactics in different areas to obtain damage & killing speed so it really depends on the level of your Werebear and if there's a certain area or ActBoss you have trouble.


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I don't twink or mule at all. I just play with what I find/buy/gamble, except when I am playing my "serendipity variant" characters when I don't allowing any buying except ID scrolls and one TP tome.