Need Group or something


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Need Group or something

Hey a veteran 1.09 SC player and thought that was stupid cause pvp was gettin borin with all the bugged items and such..basically if you hacked or bought items online you were godly,if not you couldnt be tier 1(thats my opinion dont want any arguments)
But straight to the friends just got me back into diablo but i want to play hardcore for the rush whereas they play sc...therefore im lookin for a group to hang with tommorrow and probaly longer...i dont enjoy mean folks or imature folk....i wont be on D tonight but my email is [email protected] account name is 1-up
just post here if you can be of any assistance

oh and btw i havent beat normal in sc yet (new account)but im in act 4 so ill work on it tomorrow...thanks in advance!


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Hey, I myself have a group going now with only 6 people. If you would be interested in joining us (we arent even level 10 yet) post here or msg me on east at *blitzvile
Look forward to hearing from you!


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i dont belong to a group but if you want some help feel free to msg me *y_yun

by the way if you happen to see me in a sewers game or trav game or anytype of runs based game besides baal better tell me heh im kinda on a hunting rampage right now :)