[US East] Need Friends!


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I'm going to start playing again and need some USEast buddies. Preferably Ladder. Anyone interested in playing together for an hour on weeknights or weekend evenings? Could also do Saturday morning or VERY early Sunday morning. Eastern Standard Time.

This is embarrassing but I need to find out if I can still get into my old account or if I have to make a new one!

I just like to play for fun. Don't have lots of cool items, etc. Want to take screenshots of funny things or bugs in the game. Would like to play HC if you are a good friend who won't kill me (???).

Update: My username is Necrocomicon.
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Hey. I m recently back. I have a bowazon lvl 40, I don't have any ggod equip trying to farm it yet. Need people to play with for farming itens and set itens. Sotfcore ladder US east. Urseau is the name on D2. Trying to get magic find build. But it is too short on % yet. And I will be more than happy to help people farm as well.