Need Everyone's Opinion Please

Need Everyone's Opinion Please

Ok, I've been around playing single player for like 2 months now. That being said I don't have millions and millions of items for twinking. My current interest would be to someday have and amazon using a faith bow.

First off, how many people here have ever used a faith? After running the pindlethon and receiving a death's fathom, and then my recent death's web on additional runs, gives me lots of hope that if I kept that up, I could additionaly find a windforce. Is the faith much better than a windforce? I found myself never getting bored doing the 2K runs so if I constantly ran the countess or lower kurast I feel i could find the runes overtime. These runes or even the windforce seem like a long time goal, but its what I want to work for.

After all that my point is, is faith worth having over windforce, if so, where would everyone suggest I run for the runes. Also, i don't hellforge rush, so that is out of the question.

Any input on this is great, whether you have knowledge on just the faith, or just the windforce, or both.


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- I have no idea if Faith is better than a WF, or how well they compare.
- For the runes, I suggest you read Ulrik's Rune Finders Guide. You might get the Ohm from the Countess, but I doubt you'll get the Jah - you'll go insane first, and your harddrive will crash and burn.
- That said, HF rushing is really the only viable way to land the Jah and Ohm, anything else is just luck
- one thing that you may consider is trading... The DWeb and DFathom would each net you a pretty decent rune, and you might get your hands on a WF too. Unfortunately, since you're pretty new, you'll have a 3-month probabtion period.

I wish you luck, but I honestly expect you'll burn-out before you reach your goal. My advice is to keep playing the game in ways that you find fun (if that's a billion Pindle/Countess/whatever runs, then that counts too). Eventually you'll get to your goal.
@sirpoops: I considered trading the death's web, but I wanna remain self found. I understand this would be a hectic goal, but how fun would it be to have a goal like this and finish it in like a week or two.... I'm probably just gonna try a mix of countess and Lower Kurast runs.


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I think salvo has a Faith bow, although I haven't seen him post recently.

I'm no zon expert, but I would think that WF is actually greater than Faith in terms of damage per shot. Just going by some rough estimates, a WF on a high level character would do something in the neighborhood of 500 max damage, while the Faith is around 300 max.

Assuming a decked out dexazon (400 dex = 400% ED, which is an underestimate) with a Fortitude (300% ED) and a Might merc (200% ED) then you're looking at ~5000 max damage on a regular shot with a WF. Let's say the fanaticism adds another 300% ED (an overestimate) with Faith, and you're left with just under 4000 max damage.

Where the Faith wins out is that it's faster due to the fanaticism, and the ITD/AR boost since the AR bonuses on bow skills don't work. I think that Faith is ultimately an improvement over WF, although not something earth-shattering. There's no reliable way to get a Jah rune other than HF rushing though, so it's not something worth worrying about until you acquire a Jah.


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I've never used a Faith, even back when I used to play Bnet, but I've tried out a Windforce Strafer and she rocked. I would recommend just Pindlerunning for the WF and not aim for a Faith. As sirpoops said, just play for fun. I tend to mf just for the hell of it, and when I get nice items I build characters around them, not the other way round.

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Faith is a PvPer's bow (combo'd with Fortitude). Unless you're going to make Fort and then PvP with a bowie, I wouldn't bother.



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@sirpoops: I considered trading the death's web, but I wanna remain self found. I understand this would be a hectic goal, but how fun would it be to have a goal like this and finish it in like a week or two.... I'm probably just gonna try a mix of countess and Lower Kurast runs.

FYI, I recently did a contest that was a "guess the number of Countess runs for...". To cube/find an Ist and an Um, it took me over 1300 runs and ~2 weeks. And I was moderately burned out of the Countess after that (another 1-2 weeks or runs for Hepcat's auction finished me off).

If you extrapolate your Jah and Ohm by the odds, you're looking at litterally ~120,000+ Countess runs. The Ohm alone would be somewhere in the neighbourhood of 5000-10000 runs, a much more viable goal, but still plenty. As kabal said, Countess isn't a viable target for a Jah.

Likewise, if you look in the SPF elite runners thread, Cormallon has done 1200 LK runs, and has a Lem...

I don't want to discourage you from your goals, but I think your plan is not viable. :undecided:



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It took well over four years of play for me to net a windforce... I've never seen a Jah. I think both goals are fine, but realize that they are long term. You'll have seven pats and seven guardians long before you get either bow.


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here is a great sticky from the amazon forum on the different types of runeword based bows

this one is a indepth breakdown of bows comparing WF and faith ( among others)

can't find the thread from the amazon forum going over the debate of which is preferred, i think its a matter of preference but it seems the uber rich go with WF on themselves and faith on a yeah

either way is good it seems


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Well, runes for Faith are really hard to get, Windforce is much much easier. And if you allow yourself to trade, it's also much cheaper. And IMHO the difference between those too isn't so great and maybe WF is even better (I only have it from reading BNet comparisons, I don't know from my own experience, obviously). Anyway, I would have much better use for a Jah rune if I found it.

My suggestion: Run Pindle with viable Pindlerunner (that can run him faster than 30 secs) and you will get WF eventually. Or something you can trade it for.