Need Computer Help!!


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Need Computer Help!!

I just bought a new computer about a month ago, and it runs great for the most part, except for one thing. First, the specs:

Intel P4 1.6ghz
256 DDR Ram
nVidia GeForce3 Ti 500
don't know what else to put ;P

I'm getting a weird problem when I run Halo PC, or Play Online (Just the registration software for Final Fantasy 11)
The Error says:
Microsoft Windows detected and recovered from a device failure.
Please save your work and reboot to restore
full functionality.

This happens randomly and without warning, never with any prior lag, and never at any set time. My Nvidia drivers are fully updated and everything, I don't know what to do! Any suggestions?????


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Did you try yelling at it?

Did punching it do anything?

Have you kicked it yet?

I think you might need a bigger hammer.
Are there any other programs running in the background when you play halo? Maybe they are conflicting and causing the reset.