need anothers point of view


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need anothers point of view

ok im new to this ladder season (started last week) but have been very lucky gathering items for my fishymancer and merc

my skills are pretty much 20 in CE RS SM 1 in all pre reqs and sopme curses with a point in BA, i now have 17 points left over and no idea were to put them

here is my gear atm:

peasents crown (looking for a godly necro circlet or shako but not finding atm or wen they are offered im broke >.< )
caster ammy (no skills but 12% res all)
homoc w/ P diamond
10% res all (26% res poison) rare ring with other mods
string of ears
rare boots w/ 26% lit res, 23% cold, 30% R/W and 29% MF

on switch i have
ali baba (clean atm)
27% spirit monarch
18/10 necro torch

my might merc has:

infinity (eth CA)
Vamp Gaze (mainly for leach)

now im also currently using an insight iron golem for more tele spamming/ CE spamming goodness

now with that gear in mind what would the best point wise skills to invest in? golem mastery? some more mages cos of infinity's aura?

with my current + skills im happy with my curse effect area and duration so they are out an di dont want to do a half assed bone hybrid as im level 83 atm and 17 or so skill points get a weak *** skill were CE is more efficent an dwith a merc doing 1.3-5.2k damage without might aura on he can easily get the first corpse

any opinions or points of view would be great.




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You don't want to hybridize into another Spell (I agree with you on this, CE simply blows the hell out of unsynergized Bone Spears and Poison Novas and what not), and you believe that your Curses have sufficient duration and radius.

IMO, that leaves three options:

Bone Armor's synergies


A unique blend of Blood Golem and Golem Mastery to maximize your Iron Golem's Life

If Rusty is your primary golem, and doesn't really die, and since Insights are rather cheap, then don't bother with the Golem branches.

If you never get touched physically (haha, I love how this came out), or don't plan to do fun fun acts of PK/BM PvP, then exclude Bone Armor.

Leaving Mages. Which is what I would go especially since you have Infinity and Enigma on.


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Another vote for mages! (the poison lasts for ages!) Make that boss green for eons and eons and eons. Also take advanage of those points you put into skellie mastery. More meat shields is also useful. Mages are also good for those super high defense enemies that evage your skellie warriors.