Need advice on Pvp Wind Druid


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Need advice on Pvp Wind Druid

HI, Im on ladder, and I'm building my first Pvp Wind druid and need to ask a couple of questions, please.

1) Should I use spirit wolves or bear? (I've read that wolves are good for putting folks into fhr, but I've also read that teleporting with a bear makes it very difficult for non-ww melee duelers to hit you.)

2) Should I put a point into a vine?

3) I met a fellow online who placed 1 point into each skill on fire side; made me wonder if this those skills could be useful in duels even with only 1 point into them (perhaps if they cause fhr problems to your opponent and/or enable attacks from afar causing some, alhtough minor, damge.

4) Is hurricane all cold damage or is there a physical damage component?

5) Critique my set-up (base-dex build)

COA (ber ber)
Plus 2 10% fcr ammy
2x Soj or 1Soj/raven
Trek boots
CTA/Spirit on switch

I believe I get Max PDR, 99% plus FCR, 99% FHR (some on charms).

Thanks very much for any responses, have a nice day. :)


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hope this helps m8

1)umm get bear if u plan on lvling him to 04..if not just get the 1st wolves
3)do not do that..waste of points
4)cold damage
5)hmm u could probs get away with base dex...cos of ur 99/99

1 point in all fire skill are wasted since the damage would be to low to create a "stun lock". Beside if you use OS for your wind druid and go for bear you'll need 105 skill points = level 94 before finished, with 1 point in all fire skills you'll be level 99 before finished. ;)