Need advice on possible Barb Build


Need advice on possible Barb Build

Hey all, just restarted D2 again and I wanted to build a character that could rush hell in a full game, mf, and even possibly uber. I dont' have very many funds but I can afford decent gear. So any advice you could give me on this build would help. I need to decide soon whether or not this is a build I should make because I'm trying to combine killing speed, survivability, and mobility.

20 Frenzy
20 Sword Mastery (using phaseblades for no repair and faster attack)
20 Battle Orders
20 Find Item

Either a Topazed Shako (mf + skills)
or a
Giant Skull 2x Topazes (str, looks, decent mf, some cb)

Ammy + Boots:
Tancred's Ammy combined with Tancred boots for 70 mf

Enigma (skills, teleport, strength, dr, mf)

Raven frost (cbf, ar, dex)
Fcr Ring

Gold wrap (mf)

Chanceguards (mf)

Primary Weapons:
Lastwish PB (fade, lifetap, might, huge cb)
Silence PB (Mf, huge res boost, skills)

Secondary switch:
Wizardspike + Storm (block, dr, resists, fcr bp at 60 allowing fast tele)

In harder areas I could carry more resistance gear in terms of gloves/belt/amulet/boots, but hopefully fade + silence + nat res etc will help out

How do you think this character would fare?
I'm thinking in terms of survivability and mobility this char is great, what I am concerned about is its killingspeed. I know crushing blow is awesome but I'm wielding low damage weapons and in larger games.. crushing blow is not so effective. If anyone could give me tips on gear or what not I'd appreciate this because I might end up making a sorc or hammerdin or something more feasible.

Thanks :thumbsup:

as a side note: Instead of Frenzy maybe I could make a Berserker with Grief/Phoenix or Storm?


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couple of quick comments

don't max find item. the returns on added points are not worth it. a couple of points plus added skills will do you just fine.

if you can afford good stuff don't mess around with tancreds for 70 mf. good travs get 40-50 and leave you room for a nice ammy.

If you're doing ubers you will want more crushing blow than is listed. crafted gloves and either goblin toe or gores would be good to have in stash.

you will also need more damage reduction for ubers, possibly verdungos.