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need advice on necro build for mf'ing

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by Apocolyptic, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. Apocolyptic

    Apocolyptic IncGamers Member

    Feb 23, 2004
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    need advice on necro build for mf'ing

    Hi, well this is my first post and i was just wondering what is the best build for a pvm necro intended for mf runs. well any advice would be appreciated
  2. Diminished

    Diminished IncGamers Member

    Oct 2, 2003
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    I haven't posted on here for ages...hehe

    My MF Skellymancer with Enigma was way better at MFing than my Bonemancer ever was.

    Just start in act 5 and go through the nith portal on the bottom. Raise as many skellys as you can and kill pindle if you want...he's a sinch. From there tp and wp to durance 3 or whatever.

    Max Skell Mastery and Raise Skell
    Couple points in corpse exposion
    Might Merc a must.
    1 point in golem and 1 in mastery.
    Couple in Skell mastery.

    The only real decision is whether you want Skelleton mages or Poison Skills.

    I found maxing Poison nova and synergies along with skeletons and 1-5 points corpse explosion was great for mf runs.

    Enigma is a must.
  3. Krollin

    Krollin IncGamers Member

    Jul 4, 2003
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    Here is my MF Skellimancer build

    Aside from Prereqs

    20 RS - Obviously
    20 SM - You want the toughest skellis you can get don't you?
    1 GM
    1 Clay Golem - Good life and that "Slows Enemies" ability means the the Big 3 tend to look like they are stuck in treacle when you use Decrep. If he dies, recast him. In fact recast him to draw the ranged attacks of D/B away from you.
    1+ Revives - There are some very useful revives when killing M/D/B, this allows you to turn enemies into temporary slaves. Great when they start hammering Meteors down on Mephs head. I have 3 in this skill and don't need anymore.
    1+ Summon Resists. With equipment like mine I had to invest 2 points here. Life sucks almost as much as my items do :)

    Poison Bone
    1 BA - 1 point wonder with Marrowwalks and 1 point in BW.
    20 CE - You want as much range on this as possible. More about his later

    1 Amp Dmg - Even 2 or 3 +skills can make this large enough
    1+ DV - If they cannot see you they cannot shoot at you. I dump skills I gain in here. Big DVs mean you can lay this curse "around corners" which is bloody useful IMHO.
    1 Decrepify. THE curse for keeping M/D/B quiet while you are beating the Uniques out of them.
    1 Attract. Attract means that you can cause swarms of monsters to fight amongst themselves in a fight, this has saved my Merc so many times it is untrue. It has the extra benefit of not being overridable by other curses, even those from noobs and weaken!

    Corpse Explosion, do I max it or not?

    A lot of people say that maxed CE is too expensive if you want to use it with no additional points in energy. I don't agree with this at all, you can buy Mana Pots now and in Hell there are always Super Mana Pots being dropped so demand rarely outstrips supply and I only need 4 Sup. Heal pots for my Merc.

    The range of maxed CE is 10+ yards, which is basically a good screenful of things getting clobbered with 60% - 100% of the life of the monster that died. Because of the area of effect you don't need to spam CE's all over the place, something that you have to do when you treat it as a 1 point wonder and this way you save mana. Items with +mana for every kill also mean that you get a goodly portion of the mana back when you suddenly drop a horde of devilkin with 1 CE. I cannot stress the use of CE to "warm up" monsters that are walking into to attack your minions. I basically use my Skellis to provide me with corpses which I then blow up.

    Coupled with Amp Dmg with non-PI/non-FI creatures means they either die immediately or are very severely damaged. Your skellis and your Might Merc (you aren't thinking about any other kind are you?) then have a really simple job cleaning up OR you simply drop another CE and kill them off.

    Your items should really concentrate on MFing pure. Apart from Marrowwalks no items should be considered too important to be replaced by MF items. I will list my items at the end.

    Your Merc, however, should be built with durability in mind. No point in having him dying all the time and without him you are going to have a real problem getting your Skellis to kill quickly. Any item with Crushing Blow% is a must for him as is life leech and DR. The CB can really speed up killing any monster with more than the average hit points in Hell, especially M/D/B.

    My Items - This is an untwinked character..

    Helm - Lore Runeword
    Amulet - Rare, with some nice resist mods and 14% MF
    Armour - 4 PTopaz something or other. The 96% MF is the important thing.
    Shield : Some magic piece of poop with +1 Necro skills
    Weapon - Ali Babas with a 9% MF Jewel in 1 socket. I am level 81, 90% MF in a weapon is cool. If I get an Ist it is going into the second socket, I don't care!
    Ring 1 : Magic with 21% MF and nothing else
    Ring 2 : 17% Nagelring, yeah every little bit counts.
    Belt : No idea, some magic piece of poop with mana and cold resist I think
    Boots : Marrowwalks
    Charms, resist, 1 6% smfc, attribute enhancers, life.

    Somewhere around 250% MF. Doesn't sound like much does it. Well I am finding nice items now with this character, Demon's Arch and Verdungo in 1 Pit Run last night, I only die when my wife comes in and asks me stupid questions like "Its 8:00 AM, when are you going to work?" distracting me from running The Pit, Meph and the other usual suspects in Hell.
  4. Peacrusher

    Peacrusher IncGamers Member

    Dec 9, 2003
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    Very nice post... I started untwinked on ladder a month ago and now I find so much stuff I've got 5 mules working.... Your gear still seems (forgive me) newbish... I've either been really lucky or something else.... (more on that later)

    Buile basic for me (solo's hell in 8 player game and even helped on one DC kill)
    Plus prerequisits.

    20 RS/SM
    1 CG
    1 GM
    3 SR
    5 revive (ouch) :(
    4 Mages

    10 amp
    5 DV
    4 Decrep


    Gear (MF) Keep in mind my skellies are always slvl 30 min
    Shako w/ Ptopaz
    Uped Goldwrap (traded)
    27% nagel
    25% blue
    33% blue ammy
    31% chancies
    36% trav's
    23% gheed's
    3, 4 % mfsc's

    Other gear (non MF but always equiped)
    Arm of Leoric
    Homoc (traded)
    +3 Summons Head
    Mara's (ok I dropp this for final kill on M/D/Pin... basically after I buff my skellies)
    Trang armor

    Killing Gear (Exp gear/rushing)
    Trang glove
    Trang belt
    Nature's Peace
    Dwarf Star

    The items I've gotten through trades were marked... I did use my finds for trades and nothing was given to me...(twinked)

    BTW... char lvl 87.... If i had to rebuild (which I may)... I'd get mages instead revives I wasted points there. as I lvl more now I am putting more points into mages... a combo of poison, cold, and fire are effective, the lightning mages don't seem to do much damagewise and are ususally the first ones that die.

    Also I got Might merc using eth guardian angel, tal's mask (resists and leach), bonehew.

    ALWAYS RUN PINDLE AND ELD.... they are easy kills (1-3 min) and they drop fairly well speed and ease = good mf finds in the end.

    Good luck and again I don't mean to insult on my gear comment before....Please don't take exception....
  5. Krollin

    Krollin IncGamers Member

    Jul 4, 2003
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    Thanks :)
    Well I play about 16 hours a week in total if I am lucky. I am also building a Hammerdin, an Attractomancer, Poizon so my time is tight.
    Found Ali Babas 2 days ago, bringing my MF upto 250~ which seems to have made a hell of a lot of difference to the quality of the things I find. I have found Balrog Spears aplenty before then and the Verdungos elite item equivalent just never as Unique. Since then I have been finding set and unique items a lot more regularly than before Ali Baba. Having said that a lot of the Set/Unique stuff is in the cracked sash value range but things are looking up. I am looking forward to the weekend, wife is away and I am going to be playing a lot :)

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