Need advice on Good PvM gear


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Need advice on Good PvM gear

I have 10 HR's to spend.

Its my first windy, so i need good advice - and if you have another idea than whats already posted - plz fire away :uhhuh:


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Welcome to the forums:)

Take a look at the druid guides that are stickied at the top...there is wind druid guide...I know it's for PvP but the same principles apply more or less. There's lots of different gear advice...but basically you need what every caster needs +skills, resists, Faster Cast Rate, a bit if Faster Hit Recovery, mana and life.


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thank you for the welcoming. I Stille hope that some ppl will post their opinions on different gear use, and why its good and so on.

Have already read alot of this forums posts and guides..


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Harlequin Crest: Lots of mana for spamming Tornados, lots of life is always good, a bit of damage reduction, MF and the sweet +2 skills, basically every casters dream

Jalal's Mane: Bonus to Strength to equip some heavier items like Stormshield, bonus to energy=more mana=always nice, +30% resists is also very nice if your Cyclone Armor should run out so you won't be 1 hit-killed. Some faster hit recovery to get out of sticky situations, and the +2 skills for extra damage. Looks cool:)

Nightwing's Veil: Mostly for the +skills and extra cold damage, but not so good in my opinion.

Mara's Caleidoscope...insanely sweet amulet, +2skills +stats, and +resists can't really ask for more.

Rare/Crafted Caster: Except of course for a godly rare. A crafted caster ring can spawn with Faster Cast Rate and +2 druid skills, and other mods making for the godliest amulet ever.


Heart Of The Oak runeword: Best Wind Druid weapon there is...+3 skills for massive damage, and 40% Faster cast rate to reach those vital break points. Extra mana=always good, huge chunk of resists, and some dex to keep your blocking up...godly.

Earthshaker: +3 elemental skills, not much else:(

Suicide Branch: +1 skills, 50% faster cast rate, increased mana and resists not bad at all.

Wizardspike: Huge mana increase, huge resists, huge fast cast rate...very good for casters generally but not really all that good for Wind Druid unless you really need the mana.


Chains Of Honor: +2 skills and +65% resists makes for one godly armor, just make it in one of the lighter elite armors (Archon Plate)

Enigma: +2 skills, Teleport:), Magic Find, and some other stuff. Very good armor for Magic Finding, otherwise Chains is probably better.

Skin Of the Vipermagi: +1 skills, good resists and Faster Cast Rate...Very good armor especially if you need the FCR to hit a breakpoint.


Spirit: Bad blocking but everything else is good. Mana, resists, +2 skills!!! and faster cast rate, pretty much the ultimate caster shield if you can swallow no blocking and high requirements.

Stormshield: Good block, high resists and damage reduction...this is the safest route, at the expence of some power...your choice.

Lidless Wall: Mana increase, faster cast rate and +1 skill, good choice if you go all vita.


Arachnid Mesh: Best belt you can get...+1 skill and Faster cast rate, and some extra mana.

Rare belt: something with resists, +mana/life, MF, +str/dex to equip stuff.

Verdungos: Nice boost to life and some damage reduction, solid choice, but not outstanding.


Magefists: Some faster cast rate for reaching break points, and some mana regeneration...okay gloves.

Frostburn: Only if you need the mana, cause that's all you're gonna get.

Chance Guards: For MF only.

Rare Gloves: Same mods as on belt, can be very good.


Stone Of Jordan: +skill is very nice on a ring, and the mana boost is cool too.

Bul-Kathos Weddingband: +1 skill and life, depends on whether you need the mana on SOJ or not.

Nagelring: For MF only.

Ravenfrost: for Cannot Be Frozen and some dex...not really a good choice...


Sandstorm Treks: Good allround boots with lots of helpfull stats, like FHR, +str/vit and some poison resist, which is actually quite nice since Cyclone armor doesn't protect you from poison.

WarTraveler: For MF only.

Waterwalks: some dex for blocking and nice life boost.

Silkweave: If you really need the mana.

Rare boots: Same mods as gloves and belt, can be very good.

That's all I can think of.


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Now thats a nice answer - thank you very much. Now theres only one thing i would like to ask ppl that look in this post. - I you feel like it, write what gear your windy druid uses, and why you like and dislike him.

Godly setups are very welcome.


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Albion lvl 83 Wind Druid

Helm: Jalal's Mane (Rather have Shako for more mana and MF:()
Amulet: +3 Elemental skills amulet
Weapon: Oondal's Wisdom...yes a staff, I don't really have anything better and the cast rate and +4 skills is kind of nice.
Armor: Skin Of The Vipermagi
Gloves: Frostburns I really need the mana
Belt: Some rare that I can't remember.
Rings: One that gives +84 mana and +17 life and some resists, and a another ring that gives some resists too.
Boots: dual resist boots with some MF

I really like my Wind Druid, mostly because he's a druid but also because Tornado does massive damage. Mine is a bit fragile right now because as you can see my gear is pretty crap, but he can really lay out the hurt. Ranged attackers are a huge pain, so was lack of mana but I think I've got the mana covered right now. For ranged attackers you can reposition the Grizzly and get a shield with good block that should take care of them pesky archers.

If you get a good mercenary a alongside your Grizzly they should be able to tank away with the extra life boost from Oak Sage, and you're free to obliterate monsters with Tornado. Physical Immunes are annoying since Hurricane doesn't really do that much damage, but thankfully most PI's don't have too much life. Cyclone armor is a very sweet skill that makes you pretty much immortal to elemental attacks, although Gloam infested areas are still dangerous since they can waste your merc and your bear in no time. Remember to recast Cyclone armor continously.

Tornado is sometimes very annoying because it's so erratic, sometimes you really wish you had Frozen Orb or something that will just hit the monsters where you want it to. But with a bit of practice that isn't too bad either. Oak Sage is very nice for its insane life bonus but it dies all the time!! very annoying. All in all a Wind Druid is a very sweet character highly recommendable...but why not try him out yourself!

Edit: Sorry but I don't have a godly setup:(


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I also in a process of building a windy! He's at the moment lev 40 only but i can list the gear i intend to use on him! Some gear may vary beacuse i havent tried them out and see how the work! But i will give it a try!

This windy is intented for PvP purposes but with the gear i have it will allow me to play PvM as well!

Helm: Shako (with Um) or Jalals (socketed with shael or um) or Ravenlore
Armor: Enigma Mage plate
Weapon: Hoto and wizz (backup if I need it)
Gloves: Trang Gloves or Magefist (depends here)
Boots: Sandstorm
Shield: Stormshield (socketed with um or -req jewel + other mods)
Amu: Maras but a crafted/rare with +2 druid, fcr, res, str/dex might be an option
Ring 1: Soj (other option is crafted/rare ring with fcr, str/dex, resist, life/mana)
Ring 2: BK (other option is crafted/rare ring with fcr, str/dex, resist, life/mana)
Belt: Arachnid (other choice is crafted belt depending on need such as reaching FHR)

Switch: CTA + lidless or Spirit (for the +2 skills)

Inventory: Elemental charms as many as i can get, annihilus, sc such as vita, res, fhr, frw or combination of the them)

This is my fisrt windy so i dont have to much experience in playing them!
My intentions are to reach the needed breakpoints for faster cast rate and faster hit recovery, which i think are 99 and 86 if i remember! I'm also going for the max block route! So that means a lot of dex points invested!

Hope this helps!



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I forgot one thing... Poison is extremely annoying...because it's the only element that Cyclone Armor doesn't protect against, and the poison attacks in Hell are nasty. I pretty much have to go to town everytime I get poisoned...well not every time but most of the time. Stay away from poison's dangerous.