Need advice on equipment


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Need advice on equipment

Hello everyone. This is my first post so here goes.
I am currently working on my summoner who is currently at lv 87, I plan on getting him to lv 99. I know that this will take some time but I am up to it. Just a side note to let you know I play single player offline(expansion), so my runeword selection is limited comparied to closed Bnet :( .

My current skill layout that I have without + skills is as follows:
Skeleton mastery: 20
Raise skeleton:20 (Main summons)
Raise skeleton mage:20
Clay golem:7
Golem mastery:1
Summon resist:20
Amplify damage:1 (Main Curse)
Weaken:1 (Prereq for Decrepify)
Terror:1 (Prereq for Decrepify)
Decrepify:1 (Bosses)
Theeth:1 (Prereq for Corpse explosion)
Corpse explosion:4

Skills I plan on getting from here on out:
Bone armor:1 (Plan to use Marrowwalk Bug to provide protection)
Blood Golem:1 (Prereq for revive)
Iron Golem:1 (Prereq for revive)
All left over points in Corpse explosion: 9

Equipment that I had planned on using in the end (Feel free to comment on this equipment also if you think there is something better I could use):
Armor- Enigma Runeword
Weapon- Arm of King Leoric (I have this already)
Shield- Homunculus
Boots- Marrowwalk

The equipment that I need help selecting is as follows:
Rings (Was leaning toward Wisp Projector for protection against gloams & it gives Heart of wolverine charges) (Second Ring have no idea)
Amulet (Was leaning to Mara's kaleidoscope)

Item cost aside what is the best equipment that you would recommend with my chosen skills & what is the main reason why you would recommend it? Also any info on the crafting of these items would be appreciated (What I mean is if you think that I can craft better than what is available to select from please state so and please give me an idea of what type of stats to look for when crafting that particular item).

My current stats with no gear:
Str: 90
Dex: 25
Vit: 150
Energy: 25

Current points I have to spend: 235 + whatever I get from lv 87 to 99

I am not getting hit that much at all being that I have so many summons, so I figured that I will not go for max block. However, I was planning on using the Marrow walk bug to give me decent cover in this area just in case. Once I finish picking my equipment and adjusting my stats to be able to wear all my equipment, I will probably dump everything I have left into vitality to help keep me alive against elemental attacks.

Looking forward to your replies,
Thanks in advance for taking the time to help me improve my summoner.


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Summon resist has diminishing returns and if would have maxed CE rather than that but build looks ok. Perhaps a one point investment into Lower Resist for hard PIs + mages/elemental revives could serve you well as well. Ditto for Dim Vision for ranged attackers. Actually what do you intend to do with this necro : questing/fun or magic/item find?

Gear suggestions:

Helm : Shako
Gloves : Chance Guards or Trang gloves
Belt : Goldwrap or Arach's
Ring : Soj/BK/Dwaftstar/Nagel
Ammy : Mara's/+2neco rare/crafted

Typically summoners dun need fcr but if you use enigma and tele perhaps aim for 48fcr b.p? Putting all remaining points into vita is a good idea. If you craft ammys be sure your lvl 87+ and look for +2necro/fcr/prismatic. The recipe is :

Magic Amulet
Ral Rune
Perfect Amethyst
Any Jewel

Use ammys found/gambled in hell. I am not sure of SP but might merc with Insight helps a long way to allow you to tele/CE like crazy hehe. Cheers :D


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Thanks for the info, currently I am using MF equipment to help me find my true equipment( I play untwinked). However, I do not plan on making him a mf character in the end. So questing & fun (making him as strong as possible :clap: ) is what my end goal is.

As far as the diminishing returns on summon resist, my first intension was to build a almost pure summoner only deviating a few points toward amp curse and decrepify(Totaly ignoring the posion and bone tree). So there was not much else that I wanted in the summon tree so I decided to max summon resist(was a still am not a huge fan of revives, a few is all I want. They are/ can be very effective, their just not for me.) It was not until after I had maxed summon resist that I decided to go for Corspse explosion and bone armor. Being that I still had points left and nothing else in the summon tree that I wanted.

Thanks again for the info. More the merrier :thumbsup: .